Mermelada Bunch

Mermelada Bunch


Mermelada Bunch is a mix of the muscial taste of every member of the band. 8 diffrenet thinking headswith taste in music like, Rock, Pop, Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, Latin (Salsa, Merengue, Guaracha), Reggae all mixed up to make fun energic music.


Mermelada Bunch, created in 1999 in Maracaibo, Venezuela, born with the simple goal to entertain people with their mixture of music styles. Each musician has his own taste in music, very different from the other, that is what they call "The Mermelada Sound", each one of them like from Hip Hop To Rock from Salsa and all latin sound To Jazz and R&B. But they all have the same goal to make the audience jump and enjoy the music and their show.

They have Won two People awards called “La Orquidea” organized by a national Channel “VENEVISION” owners of two Platinum Awards For Best Band in Venezuela.

Actually they have launched two records : PUM PUM in 2002 and DALE A PLAY in 2005, both with hit songs on the Venzuelan charts in the first places, songs like, Comando Borracho, Me Liberé, Amor de Gorda, Tequiero pero no te aguanto and Tu Traicion.

The band is very well recognized in Venezuela, and has so much naturality and identification with the people that many companies have Sponsored them for representing their Brands, Companys like PEPSI (Soft Drinks), Cerveceria Polar (Beer Brand), Infonet (Cellular Comunication Service Provider). Appering in various TV commercials nation wide.

A band made a thought for LIVE shows, and with the experience to handle large amounts of audience.


Comando Borracho

Written By: Jorge Ramirez, Agustin Espina. David Schelsinger, Armando Hernandez

Comando Borracho toma los lunes
Comando Borracho toma los martes
Comando Borracho toma de día
Comando Borracho

Comando Borracho se invita a las fiestas
Comando Borracho acaba con la fiesta
Comando Borracho vomita la mesa
Comando Borracho

Comando Borracho se lleva los vasos
Comando Borracho se duerme en el carro
Comando Borracho busca pelea
Comando Borracho

Comando Borracho baila a las gordas
Comando Borracho baila a las feas
Comando Borracho las besa a la fuerza
Comando Borracho


Quien dijo que el borracho no es gente
El Comando Borracho es decente
Quien dijo que el borracho no era feliz
Ron Punch
El Comando Borracho es así X2

GO GO Comando
GO GO Borracho X 2

Comando Borracho le grita a la novia
Comando Borracho le grita a la esposa
Comando Borracho le grita a la suegra
Comando Borracho

Comando Borracho no dice mentiras
Comando Borracho se orina en la cama
Comando Borracho besa al amigo
Comando Borracho

Comando Borracho te pide dinero
Comando Borracho se ríe de todo
Comando Borracho da serenata
Comando Borracho

Comando Borracho se cree Ultraman
Comando Borracho se cree Superman
Comando Borracho se cree Batmán
Comando Borracho

El alcohol me tiene muy bien
El alcohol me tiene feliz
El mundo parece distinto
Sin mi botella de anís


Hermanos, Borrachos latinoamericanos
Vamos a unirnos, en una sola voz
La voz del Comando Borracho
Arriba, Arriba y gritemos
Que el borracho, No come dulce
No come dulce



CD # 1. Mermelada Bunch, PUM PUM, Lideres, 2002.
CD # 2. Mermelada Bunch, Dale a Play, Anes Records, 2005.

Hit Singles: Comando Borracho, Melibere, La Cucaracha, La vida es cool, Amor de Gorda, Te quiero pero no te aguanto, Tu traición.

ESPN Theme song "La Fiesta del Caribe" for baseball games "La serie del Caribe".

Set List

1 Hour show, aprox. 18 original songs all mixed non stop music.