A new taste of folk. Her songs are by turn whimsical and moody. Mind and soul. It draws you in, and captivates you.


"Merrady sings with a wonderful raspy quaver, each note executed with complete assurance. The wordplay is tight and clever as well, focusing on relationships gone wrong and the comfort of a Colt 45"-Ben Krieger



Written By: Merrady

Lonely on an island you looked pretty good to me
For afternoons of sunshine I'd excuse some activity
Rise up in the morning, bottles and crashed cars
Gather up the trash, another night's gone too far

Something about being mistreated is so appealing
The promises and letdowns are so full of feeling
And so you're going without a word of notice
Just one last night of Colt 45 to close this door

Your selective memory
For the pain you caused
And the tears I cried
Out of mind, out of sight
You say it won't
Keep you up at night

On a plane across the country to be with you on the bay
All the sweet words, I just couldn't stay away
This time there was no way to justify you
No one had used that tone with me, that tone with me

They sent you away in a boat for the navy
Somewhere so far, somewhere you could let me be
Your jealous words mean nothing to me
How dare you cry out, now that I'm so happy

Your jealous words mean nothing to me
I don't hear you now, because I'm so happy, no no I can't hear you, because I'm so happy now


Written By: Merrady

Do I thrive on your indifference?
Dissect your ever move?
I find you more attractive
When you have nothing to prove

I don't hear from you in weeks
I know that I can't wait
Trying to be you by not caring
But I always take the bait

Am I that shallow that I want you?
Shameless enough to let it show?
The less you call the less I see you
The further down you know I'll go


Written By: Merrady

They say a man will cheat given the chance
But an unfaithful woman's not after romance
She likes the way his eyes feel on her skin
She's starting up a game of seduction

You won't tame her
Who could blame her?
You are wishing you could be the same
You won't tame her
Who could blame her?
You are wishing you could be the same

Any sense of regret is fleeting
She's anticipating her next meeting
She's breaking all the rules you made
All the while her affection never fades

She's your little angel
She's a total stranger
Funny how you stay with her
She's your little angel
She's a total stranger
Funny how you stay with her

Repeat V1
Repeat Ch1
Repeat Ch2
Repeat Ch1


Written By: Merrady

Verse 1-
Don't you wanna make it right?
There's nothing wrong with being here tonight
Lay your cheek upon my skin
Disappear from the world you live in

I'll take your cares, and drown them in the waves
I'll keep you captive for days and days and days

Clear your head forget it all
Our whispers stay between these walls
Shed your layers, slow down your pace
You know we'll always have this place

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Verse 1

Set List

original music. sets from twenty minutes to an hour.