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Merry Magdalene is a breath of fresh air in the current overpopulated musical climate. Steering far clear of trends, Merry Magdalene sets out to avoid insulting their listeners intelligence at all costs. Armed with the realization that MUSIC doesn't have to follow a format to be captivating, driven by the unavoidable and irrepresible urge to create fresh musical environments, and obsessed with perfection and the ability to perform with quality and consistency. The musicianship in Merry Magdalene is what sets them apart from their peers. Guitarist Scott infuses a bi-polar combination of endless elegant texture with raw and dirty aggression into the music, Tony floats fat bass lines and slimy grimy tones into the mixture, and Chris elevates the entire fiasco into a percussive kinetic groove of orgiastic proportions. All within a context of musical freedom. No style or flavor is left untouched or untasted. Flowing from Hip-Hop to R+B to Progressive Rock to Metal effortlessly...Merry Magdalene is LIFE MUSIC. Nobody experiences one emotion a day, therefore, art should not reflect one side of humanity. LIFE is spontaneous. LIFE is unpredictable. LIFE is complex, multi-layered, unsolvable. These qualities of LIFE are inherent in the music and message of Merry Magdalene. Ray exhudes a rythmic cadence that punctures the music like flying daggers. His aggressive delivery and brutally honest subject matter combine to form the perfect voice to speak the music's intentions. These four individuals, when performing, EXPLODE with energy and enthusiasm, LIVING the music on stage. Merry Magdalene is only TRULY experienced live. Hope to see you there!!



Written By: Raymond E. Adornetto

For the nights you dread tomorrow and the torture of alone
Decisions that bread sorrow and the mold regret has grown
For every single mother, every soul depressions known
For the lover and the fighter, those just looking for a home
For the angry and neglected every tortured mind on earth
Music can make breathing seem like a task of worth
It repaints the past numbs when tragedy gives birth
Makes memories last helps explain the hidden hurt
Its all I got that’s mine something they can never take
A soundtrack for the grind I’m sketching your escape
With nothing more than thought and hopes that some relate
To What life has made me fought and an urge to leave this place
But Music will preserve me far after my fulfillment
Immortalize, preserve me for your kid’s kids enjoyment
Realize its only words but it can speed up your employment
It does what you let it its nutrition for enjoyment

Chorus: The Music, the beauty, the hate, the love
Music, its everything we’ll never get enough

Music welcomes all blind to sex, race, religion
Love it, hate it, need it the utter beauty of decision
Love and hate helps feed it and elevate precision
My soul and pure intention is to share what I envision
For me the music heals translates happiness and tears
To whom my art appeals let it take your stress and fears
Its what this soul conceals and the voice of fed up pears
The voice of those neglected analyzing days and years
Alive is just a puzzle gotta work it piece by piece
Music gave me piece and put my mind at ease
It granted me a purpose and removed me from the rest
Let the greatness surface made me realize I’m blessed
Saved me from a wrong life put my ethic to the test
And all it is thought from the left side of my chest
For all the years you fought searching for some sanity
I’m ganna try and help you with this gift god granted me


Maestro Meraviglioso - 3 Song EP - 2005

Set List

Our set usually consists of 8-10 originals, a smattering of covers in their entirity or played partially, solo member sections, instrumentals and unpredictable jams, and heavy band to crowd interaction. No set is ever the same, and the time we play often is determined by the venue or specific gig guidelines.

Original Song List:
Let the Music
Victims of Reality
(as well as 4 others that are currently untitled)

We enjoy mixing in unexpected covers, with the intention of drawing in those who may not have heard us before, and winning over the hearts of the entire audience. We have played favorites ranging from "Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough" by Michael Jackson, "Today Was a Good Day" by Ice Cube, and "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. The goal is for everybody in the audience to experience a unique, positive, and EXTREMELY energetic show each and every time. We spend a great deal of time fine tuning each setlist so that the momentum is never lost,