Merry Me

Merry Me


High energy rock with pop-punk and indie influence. Our live show is intimate and honest. We feed off the audiences energy (and vice versa). When you see Merry Me, it becomes apparent that we really care about the music we play ,and the people who are there sharing it with us!

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Hey, You Over There!

Written By: Merry Me

you take a lot of time tryna find a way to waste more,
but i don't wanna wait tonight.
i just wanna tell you how you taste.
just wanna hear you say that it's alright
cause i don't care ,and you don't know the truth.
i guess we talked it out.
don't i make you feel alright?
i could cut the tension in this room with one taste of your mouth.
i wanna take you home tonight.
we just stop for a moment with the moon and the two of us.
everything is feelin' fine.
and i just wanna tell youhow you taste.
just wanna hear you say that it's alright.
no cause for alarm or concern
'cause it's just a feelin' that burns.

Set List

All the Same
Hey, You Over There!
Most Nights
Rich Friends' Parents' Cars
Let's Make a Deal
I Think We're Getting Off Track
Wish You the Best