Meryl Romer

Meryl Romer

 Boulder, Colorado, USA

Meryl sings in a sparkling style that says you can believe in your dreams. She shades and finesses her tunes with exquisite and memorable moments of insight into the emotions behind the words. Her music is the avenue to the yearnings of her heart and soul. "A sassy, sexy jazz vocal outing-real depth


"So Sure" picked as #1 jazz album for 2009 on by reviewer, Susan Frances

Meryl Romer


(On Meryl Romers Metropolitan Room engagement, NY Tour, Fall 09):
It's been a long time since I've heard such a luscious and soulful performance. Meryl took the house by storm! ~ Joe Franklin, Bloomberg Radio

Friday, 16th January 2009
"Singing gives me a chance to open to and play with aspects of life that are an expansion of my daily landscape. The songs offer me an opportunity to explore a palette of characters, emotions, stories, rhythms and moods. It is through my voice that I experience the shapes, shadows and subtlety of the movements that allow me to expand my world into uncharted territories. The songs are my avenue to give voice to the yearnings of my heart and soul."Meryl Romer

Meryl's first recorded outing as a jazz contralto, on So Sure, is at once adventurous and articulate, playful yet sophisticated. Her songs allow the listener to experience the great jazz standards through Meryl's eyes. The original pieces on "So Sure" display an honesty only life can teach and her Dylan interpretation is a truly wonderful surprise.

So Sure includes three original pieces, penned for her by songwriter/producer, Casey Collins and composer Eric Moon. "I've Waited Long Enough", "Right on Time", and "So Sure" tell of Meryl's story of having waited long enough to follow and explore her singing passion. "I've often said that I've been singing these songs my whole life....I just never opened my mouth. I began whispering lyrics when I was 11 years old and gathered the courage to begin to sing forty years later."

Meryl covers standards ranging from Toots Thielemans to Rodgers and Hart and newer selections by Cassandra Wilson and Bob Dylan. Her choice of songs reflect her feelings and fantasies about relationships, play, commitment and determination.

Meryl's music collaborators on So Sure are inspired and masterful musicians who have created pulsing, modern jazz arrangements that support Meryl as she breathes loves and life into the tunes. Meryl joined with pianist/arranger Erik Deutsch; guitarist/arranger Bill Kopper; bass player Jonti Siman; drummer Marc Dalio; tenor saxophonist/flutist Robert Kyle; and drummer Brian McRae (track 1) to record So Sure.

Meryl's recent tour dates include Boulder, Denver, Albuquerque and New York City. As a result of her highly successful 2009 debut at the Metropolitan Room, NYC, she was invited back to that venue in April 2010. That East Coast Tour will also include a date at Billie's Black in Harlem. More dates to be added -- keep an eye on Meryl's calendar.

"Meryl Romer embodies the current renaissance of the romantic singers of the 40's. Her sound recalls the voluptuous shape of Sarah Vaughan, the ease and elegance of Ella Fitzgerald and a heart-shuddering vibrato reminiscent of Judy Garland. She sings with a tenderness of heart blown through the essence of maturity. When Meryl wraps her voice around the lyrical standards of jazz, there is an innuendo of innocence that yields a most sophisticated lady." - Vocalist/Producer, Casey Collins


Right on Time

Written By: Meryl Romer

I was born to sing,
Made from a mighty wind
I was old school, back when it was not cool
That's before my sound began
If I was late at the gate for dinner at eight
I've been lying in wait and I'm right on time.

My birthright, rightly due, became the blues
Although I was well heeled, you bet I could still feel
The rhythm under my shoes
In the shuffling of feet up the steps to the street
There's a song that repeats and it's right on time

Swingin in the shadey arms of the divine
Singin pretty lady, swayin in the time
time of my life, time of my truth
Sure wish I had been able to embrace you in my youth
If the choices I made sold my soul to the shade
Then the dues have been paid and I'm right on time

Mother mercy, I've been so low, singin solos
but never opened my mouth
So forgive me and sing it with me
I've got to let it all out

I was born to sing
Made from a mighty wind
Born to sing, ain't no beginning ain't no end
there are those who will say I'm not ready to play
It's not up for debate
I'm not willing to wait
to tell you the truth
I got over my youth and this song is the proof
and I'm
Right on Time


"So Sure" is a 12 track jazz CD released in April 2009.
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Set List

Set lists will include original songs, jazz standards, some with original arrangements, and some classic pop tunes. Sets can be one to three in an evening, each set lasting 40 - 50 minutes. Repertoire includes 100 songs at present.