Mesa Mesa

Mesa Mesa


Past meets the future. Vintage samples, sounds and instruments performed with a modern setup. Impossible to characterize, Mesa Mesa is the ultimate cross-over band. Hip Hop to Indie Rock to Soul to Punk - we mix them all together, creating a supreme buffet of musical goodness.


Brothers, lovers and a room-mate, Mesa Mesa is close and tight-knit. The project began as an experiment of mixing the DJ-like electronic beats of Chris Moure with the multi-instrumental talents of Owen Norquay and Cameron Harding, topped off with the unique, soulful punk-rock vocals of Maggie Smith. After a year of development in Echo Valley Studio, the band emerged with a cohesive sound and a fresh live set, further refined through a monthly residency at the Drake Hotel Underground and expanded to other landmark Toronto venues such as The Horseshoe Tavern and Rancho Relaxo. They are currently back in the studio working on producing tracks to follow up their mini EP "M".



Written By: Mesa Mesa

Moscow's cold in winter
When you ploy it's not so bad
Easy on the let down
Easy on the let downs
Sink her
Turn him
Little coyote beware of the pit falls
Willow was my girl
I wont see her now
I'm moving to the coast
Where I can't be found
Lovers hip twitch
While you're fucking him
I'll be skipping town

Medicine Recon

Written By: Mesa Mesa

The cures are all hid in the forest grid it's a medicine recon with machetes and the brave ones leading with their hand guns. Temple and tombs underground find the amazons red hot bronze with machetes and the brave ones leading with their hand guns through the heart of the jungle the cures are all hid with the amazons. When we found her she took a look at us. "I know why you came here but my cure won't save your man, we're not alone now, we're not alone anymore". Striped with stealth we didn't see what was in the shadows. The scent of the men let them know we were here in their land. They took our hands, they tied us up, fed us murky water. The goths never let us forget the cure is theirs and we're never to come back.


Written By: Mesa Mesa

waiting caved in
healers in the corner
forging senses
manics in the street screaming
go back to shanghai


M - by Mesa Mesa