Mesa Rio

Mesa Rio


Fusion Latina Caliente' ...Jazz-Latin-Fusion Original, danceable, instrumental, memorable BUY THE CDs! and..


Founded in 2000 by composer/instrumentalist Mark R. Merritt, Mesa Rio is, in essence, a jazz orchestra with a Latin-music 'flavor'. Improvisation is an integral part of this lively, upbeat music; rhythmically driven...melodically inspired.
The group performs regionally in the southeastern U.S., including the acclaimed "Riverbend Festival" in Chattanooga, Tn. in 2004 and again in 2006. Their debut CD receives airplay on commercial, college and public radio stations. Their second CD, "confetti fan tutti" was released April 1st, 2006 and is garnering praise from their growing fan base, as well as making new converts!
Built around the 'standard' four-piece rhythm section, snappy horns and pounding percussion round out the street-party sound of the band. WARNING: They're Fun, Danceable, Infectious, Contagious!


The New CD is Here! Titled "confetti fan tutti", it includes the following tracks: Sandcastles; Santa Fe Cafe; Tsunami; Kilowaterpiller; Isis; J'ouvert; Camelot/Migration; Short Cut; Cloud Forest; Perfect Circle; the Circus Flea......... Debut LP/CD: Self-titled Mesa Rio
Airplay tracks to date include:
Ionica, China Moon, Dance of the Marionette, Kat Knap, Powder Horn, Jubilee, Prestidigitation, Low Clouds, Yellow Iris, Honduras Holiday, and Paper Tiger.
Snippets may be heard at and
"Ionica" was featured during the closing fireworks display at RIVERBEND 2004 in Chattanooga,Tn.


Set List

1. Yellow Iris
2. Perfect Circle
3. Isis
4. Honduras Holiday
5. Low Clouds
6. Paper Tiger
7. Roseangela
8. Jubilee
1. Migration
2. Dance of the Marionette
3. Cloud Forest
4. Tsunami
5. Kat Knap
6. J'ouvert
7. Ionica
8. Santa Fe' Cafe'
1. Some Monk Funk
2. Powder Horn
3. Sandcastles
4. Short Cut
5. A Walk in the Dark
6. China Moon
7. Prestidigitation
8. Kilowaterpiller

We typically play three, all-original, 1-hour sets in club venues. We perform at a lot of benefits for 1-hr.