Mescalero is a heavy hitting, in-your-face rock band. When you hear Greg's early 80's metal roots mix with his southern rock antics from the 90's, Jeremy's punk-inspired drumming, and Peter's guitar-like bass playing you get a heavy, groove-laden rock that makes you wanna rock.


MESCALERO formed in May 2005 when Greg Altuna, Peter Farmer and Jeremy Shelby got together to down a few beers, throw down some barbecue and muster up some rock at an inconspicuous house on Fry Street in Denton, TX ... a bustling college town just north of Dallas and Fort Worth. What the band quickly realized was that they had a pension for hard-driving, in-your-face Texas-style rock. Mescalero quickly set to writing. With the band's collective stage experience as a catalyst, Mesacalero's live shows quickly earned them respect in the DFW area. When you mix Greg's 80's metal and southern rock influences with Jeremy's 90's punk nostalgia and Peter's metal roots you get a pounding style of rock reminiscent of C.O.C., Clutch, Fu Manchu and Kyuss mixed in with a dash of ZZ Top.

Mescalero released their self-titled debut "Mescalero" on September 28, 2007.



Written By: Mescalero

My head’s spinnin’ around
Can’t catch my breath
The anger’s so thick it could wake the dead
Runnin’ on empty is the way I live.
You can’t stop a truck
When the driver is dead.

You’re not a god.
Unless you’re bad like me.
You can’t play God.
You wanna do what you can?
Step to rectify.

Runnin’ away won’t do you no good.
Like hittin’ a brick wall head first
You did what you could.
Keep on tryin’ little man
Sixteen men couldn’t do it
What made you think you can?

You’re not a god.
Unless you’re bad like me.
You can’t play God.
You wanna do what you can?
Step to rectify.

Crosseyed & Rollin'

Written By: Mescalero

I got 82 miles of blacktop,
And my foot stuck to the floor.
I got my shoulders scrunched up,
And a squint-eye open,
And I’m tryin’ not to roll my truck.

You see, it’s been 42 hours
Since I hit the hay.
Not the hippie kind, my bed mutha trucka
And I’m startin’ to hallucinate.


I shift down for a little more action,
Cuz there’s lights shinin’ in my mirror.
They’re getting’ closer and I don’t care,
I’m gonna race ‘em on down the line.

You see, it’s been 36 hours
Since I got laid.
I got sweet (lovin’ woman) piece of pussy layin in my bed,
And I can’t hit it if I’m dead.



"Mescalero" self-titled, Sept. 28, 2007

Set List

Shut Up
No Control
Watch Me Hate You
Crosseyed & Rollin'