Meshe & Moon Circus

Meshe & Moon Circus


Journey through gypsy, folk, pop, jazz and classical lands with lyrics that get you wondering and grooves that moove feet, and hearts!


In the words of Jennifer Layton from

Michelle Dumond (Meshe) is a free-spirited gypsy musician with the soul of a jazz singer and the playfulness of a burlesque performer. Bob Dylan would love her. Rufus Wainwright would drag her onstage with him. Leonard Cohen and Shakira would team up to adopt her. She has the musical skills to establish credibility with a more artsy crowd and the earthiness and humor to make her more accessible to people like me who just love music.

She can convey all kinds of moods with that husky, alluring, commanding voice. She can sing the fun “Bathtub Rag” about soaking in the tub and suddenly fog up the bathroom mirror by crooning invitingly, “So take off your clothes and wet your toes.” She can handle a serious issue with a whimsical approach (the opener “Humanity”). She can also dim the lights, and turn into a classically-inspired dark gothic composer. “Sandra” and “Au Revoir” are orchestral tapestries of cello, piano, violin, and sweeping melodic drama. I could almost touch the sound – it’s burgundy velvet.

After it flowed over me and left me very still, Dumond wisely ended on an up note with “Sick on Christmas,” a wry yet jingling tune.

She can do anything. She can sing anything, play anything, and seduce anyone. Go ahead and give in.


2005- Into Orbit
2007- The Me Shell
2010- The Moondrops double CD and book
2012- Meshe & Moon Circus Sampler (FACTOR)
2014- Revolutionary Lullabies