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Tacoma, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | SELF

Tacoma, Washington, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2019
Solo Hip Hop New Wave




"Tacoma’s ME$$ aka MesiLL Ends Summer With Hot New Single ‘Dust Bunnies’"

If you’ve been sleeping on the Tacoma rapper as of late, you better keep your eyes peeled because this won’t be the last time you hear about him. Tacoma’s Me$$ aka MesiLL has officially ended summer with a hot new single, Dust Bunnies. Me$$ has not only been cooking up track after track, but has also been producing video after video for the last few years now. He has continued to come up with creative and unique content, meanwhile maintaining consistency in his videos with his counterpart and friend, Sonny Bonoho. The two cooked up something special in the latest track Dust Bunnies, which can be seen below.

Me$$ spits over a funky yet contemporary beat while taking you on a lyrical ride. The creative joint lasts a few minutes but is a powerful statement for the current creative position that Me$$ seems to be at. In other words, Me$$ might have found the right groove that offers a balance of a relevant sound, but still manages to maintain the spirit and creativity of his lyrical and crazy self. With word of a new EP or LP in the near future, all we can hope is that he continues to bring us the heat that he has for so long. While we wait for new content from Me$$, be sure to catch up with him on Instagram. - Austin Howell

"Me$$ Throws Down On New Single “NO SPEAKA ENGLASH”"

Me$$, pronounced [MESS], also known as MesiLL and MesiLL4Real finally dropped his latest single. The Tacoma native is back with his nasty rhythmic storytelling and puns that fly right over your head. Titled “NO SPEAKA ENGLASH,” Me$$ takes you on a thrilling ride throughout the track. With small voice clips thrown in from Samuel L. Jackson from his appearance in the movie Pulp Fiction to Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker from their appearance in the movie Rush Hour, he does a great job at setting the tone for the song but also keeping us guessing what’s next.

Another track produced by longtime friend and collaborator Treveezy, NO SPEAKA ENGLASH comes together nicely with a music video filmed by one of the best, Sonny Bonoho. Me$$ continues to carve his own lane within the rap industry song after song. Considering the current state of hip-hop, music heads are naturally gravitating towards those that are spitting the hot fire. That just happens to be Me$$; make sure you press play and let it fly. Be on the lookout for new music from Me$$! In the meantime you can follow along on his Instagram! - Austin Howell

"MesiLL Is Back With Psychedelic-Like Visual For 'Green Egg's & Spam'"

his time around, Tacoma rapper Mesill4real brings you to the backyard of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The colorful and distinctive visual for his latest single titled, ‘Green Eggs & Spam‘ is like none other. He managed to connect with cinematic producers IFE+BONOHO for another incredible film. With their help, they’ve been able to match MesiLL’s cool and mellow flow with psychedelic-like visuals. As of late, MesiLL has been holding rap down for the Tacoma area.

His matchless lyricism and unique approach are what makes him stand out from the rest of the crowd. On top of that, he keeps coming out with creative and incomparable visuals to match. Do yourself a favor, kick back and take in the innovative art from MesiLL. What you’ll find out is how fast you get lost and mesmerized in the music. For all the latest information surrounding new music, follow Mesill4real on Instagram! - Austin Howell

"MesiLL4real Continues To Hold Seattle Rap Down With “S*O*D*B”"

MesiLL4real has continuously provided the Northwest with premier content time and time again. Whether it’s releasing a new single or a new music video, he has been doing his part in pushing the culture forward in the Seattle area. He’s now dropped new work in the form of a single titled “S*O*D*B.”

MesiLL, an individual who has spent almost all of his time in Washington and more specifically the Tacoma area, has been striving to leave his mark in the hip-hop community. With an obvious passion to create music that brings out strong emotions, people can’t seem to get enough of his bluntness and honesty. In his latest work, he managed to put together another incredible visual to go along with his new single, “S*O*D*B.” Produced by Trevezy, the short visual is another masterpiece with the help of fellow Tacoma natives, IFE+BONOHO.

Based off his most recent work and with new music coming out in the future, I personally believe that his new tunes should be highly promising. So stay tuned for all his latest work. You can find the latest information surrounding new music on his Instagram here. Let us know what you think about his new music in the comments below!

With all things aside, as a passionate hip-hop listener and writer, I’m waiting for another artist to step up to the passion that MesiLL conveys for the Northwest. Who’s next? - Austin Howell


Still working on that hot first release.



ME$$ aka ME$iLL (pronounced ‘MESS’ ‘ILL’)  is not any other artist you have heard before. Period. His entertainer name clearly says it all. Mess. Messy on how he writes his music. Messy when it comes to selecting his beats. Messy when he puts together his visuals. ME$$ is an artist that consistently takes risks with his music and his creativity is next level.

His music is catchy, rhythmic and witty. Meaning, he can take you to a club setting and have you shaking your head in one instance then immediately take you down a trippy, unorthodox vibe and sound the next. He can take a any type of beat and make it into a soulful sounding hip-hop masterpiece with his harmonizing capabilities.

ME$$ is the new wave of hiphop and is continuing to pave the way as an artist to make his sound heard. Considering the millions of artists, singers, vocalists, rappers, entertainers, etc. who think that they have it, ME$$ knows in his mind that his sound is the next thing. 

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