BandHip Hop

Prophetic,kindgdom,all about jesus christ music!


My name is the Messenger. I read the bible, study, and pray as I write songs which really are spiritual songs. I am just a instument or part of the body of Christ delivering messeges from the living God. What makes these songs different are that they show the love of Christ, but also that Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. God is incontrol in this earth and is Holly, Rightous, and Jusus Christ is not pleased when we condone sinning just because we have a flesh nature. We are Profits,Priest, and Kings. We should believe Christ the incorruptible seed lives and abides in us, being born again is to be freed from the bondage of sin, The point is we serve a living and Holly God.


1. Lord Of Lords, and King Of Kings. 2. Thru The Cross. 3.Heavens Coming Alive.

Set List