Messenger Douglas

Messenger Douglas

 Birmingham, England, GBR

Messenger Douglas is an acclaimed roots singer and producer who has toured the world with Overproof Soundsystem, from Germany to New Zealand. His most recent singles are played by some of the biggest sound systems worldwide, and have established him as a a solid reference for UK Roots music.


Producer, vocalist and songwriter Messenger Douglas has been establishing a repertoire of roots reggae since the late eighties, whilst also experimenting with 'leftfield reggae' and dub sounds, working with several other producers and outfits including Overproof Soundsystem and Friendly Fire Music


Mirror Lover (Silicon Squad) 1987
Where is the Love (Doctor Bird) 1994
Opportunity (Humal) 1997
Sleeping Man (Humal) 1997
Keeping up the Pressure (Humal) 1997
Poor Man (Humal) 1998
Try (Humal) 1998
Strictly Love (Humal) 1998
Crosswinds (Humal) 1998
Give Me (Humal) 1998
Let it Go (Crucial Music Inc.) 2005
Share (Alphamix) 2006
Perilous Time (G-CORP) 2007
The Model (G-CORP) 2008
King Step (G-CORP) 2008
Earth Cries EP (Alphamix) 2008

Albums Featuring:
Dub Specimen - 'No Stopping Us' - 2004
Dub Specimen - 'One Way' - 2004
On Fire Vol3 - 'Red Dot' - 2005
On Fire Vol3 - Let it Go - 2005
Dub Plates from the Elephant House - 'Runnings' - 2007
Dub Plates from the Elephant House Almighty Flood - 2007
Dub Plates from the Elephant House - 'Perilous Time' - 2007

-Various tracks on the Humal label were played on BBC Radio 1.
-Messenger Douglas tracks have been released in the UK, Jamaica and throughout Europe, where they have gained good fanbases.
-Messenger Douglas also provides vocals for Overproof Soundsystem, and has released numerous tracks, albums and dubplates with this band, as well as consistently touring with them since 2003. As a member of Overproof, he has performed alongside Fat Freddy's Drop and toured NZ, Australia and South East Asia. A tour of Brazil is planned for 2010. This has lead to extensive radio play in numerous countries.