Springfield, Virginia, USA

The sound is birthed out of their favorite Heavy Metal and Progressive Rock sounds such as Rush, Led Zeppelin, Nickelback,Deep Purple. Messenger's songs explode with humongous power chords in innovative rhythms. The melodic vocals soar with great Rock tones.


The Messenger sound arises from Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Progressive Rock influences that stretch from the early rock pioneers to the best production masters today. Messenger has sold hundreds of CD's since the turn of 2009 and has found broadcast radio play in Australia and internet radio airplay in America and Greece. Since April '09 has had 20,000 visits and their MySpace Profile ( has had over 21,000 views in the year they have been together - hits from all over the world. Messenger is a Christian Metal quartet from the U.S. Capital area which joined together in September 2008, playing secular nightclubs opening for National Hard Rock/Metal acts such as Extreme, W.A.S.P. & KIX, the '09 Marine Corps Marathon, Christian Rock Festivals, the largest Virginia County Fair, church groups and coffee houses. They bring a powerful message with good music & loud guitars.


Wallowing in the Mire

Written By: Frank Clifton Herring, BMI

Wallowing in the Mire

Another day the shadows wake me, the sunlight pierced through my eyes

Is this the day the pain will take me and when it does it’s no surprise

I find my deeds bring destruction, unraveling all that I love

An evil day, will someone wake me, will someone take me, will someone SHAKE ME?!


I’m wallowing in the mire; I’m rolling in the mud.

I’m sinking deeper everyday; don’t tell me about a cleansing flood.


I found a way to hide my sins; from God, from people, even me

My friends away - it’s me who wins, and no one else will ever see

I love this sin, but hate the shame. This back and forth may drive me mad

I get my way; I keep my sins, tell me who wins, does Christ’s blood cleanse?!


I love these feelings and I want some more

And feelings, too, I’m trying to ignore

The kind of filth a shower cannot clean

Guilt and shame that gets down in between

My flesh and heart & soul – Can I be free?

What is it that those Christians said to me?

(Chorus) (Guitar Solo) (Chorus)

Hell is no Party

Written By: Frank Clifton Herring, BMI

One time you shake your fist in the air, one time you shout to the sky,

One time you destroy what good could be there, one time you just got too high


God says its sin and you say ‘Oh well’

‘I’ll laugh with my friends when I get to hell’


Hell is no party. Hell is no fun.

You face the Maker (and eternity) in a crowd of one.

Hell is no party!

One time you deny the existence of God, one time you call Him a crutch

One time you abuse because Christians are odd, one time is one time too much

One time the Christ child came to the Earth, one time He lived kindly and just

One time God asked Him to offer His worth, one time Christ declared ‘I must’

Bridge (alt.)

Jesus paid for sin, we cannot deny

His blood was spilled. And do you know why? – Because à

(Lead Guitar)


King of Kings

Written By: Frank Clifton Herring, BMI

King of Kings

The Lord will return full of life, with the sword of His mouth

He rides the skies on a horse of white, smiting nations north and south

They will see Him that pierced His side, and rejected His love.

Jesus Christ whom they crucified, justifies men by His blood


And His vesture dipped in blood He is the Lamb who bore the cross

He is the mighty King of Kings. The war shall not be lost

Jesus Christ, whose blood was shed, for the sins of the world,

is resurrected from the dead. Now His banner is unfurled.

Satan’s armies will gather then, to battle the Lord.

Evil men with hearts full of sin shall be slain by His sword




And though He returns with wrath and power, you can be right with Him

Just bow before the Lord this hour, and turn from your sin! He’ll forgive your sin!!


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Set List

Isolation - Alter Bridge
Come Home - Messenger
Paradise - Messenger
Chained - Messenger
Tom Sawyer - Rush
Back of My Mind - Messenger
So Good - Messenger
Power - Messenger
Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath
Special Delivery - Messenger
Let My People Go - Messenger
The Rapture - Messenger
Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden
Fear No Evil - Messenger
Wallowing In the Mire - Messenger
Bright & Morning Star - Messenger
Enter Sandman - Metallica
Roar - Messenger
The Risen Christ - Messenger
Rulemaker - Messenger
Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin
Don’t Shoot the Messenger - Messenger
Hell is no Party - Messenger
King of Kings - Messenger