Messiah Trap

Messiah Trap

 Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

A sound wave of unconscious collective energy, resonating through timeless souls of a tonal dream spawns the creative expressionism that gives birth to the music of Messiah Trap. Like the illegitimate lovechild of The Black Crowes, Led Zeppelin, Blind Melon and Humble Pie, sometimes brushing shoulders with the Stone Temple Pilots. The groovin’ bass lines are fused by the sounds of moe. and Umphrey’s McGee while a unique vocal approach in the eclectic style of Eddie Vedder, Steven Tyler and Layne


It's hard to know where to begin. Not because the underlying chemistry of this band is a long story, but because we use the music to better express and convey what we'd actually like to say. To bring emotion out of just the personal realm, and translate it into something we feel can move others, as well as ourselves in hopes of a better reality. So it's not so much what we can say about ourselves as a band, but what we can actually portray musically to any given audience or listener for that matter. However if there's any formula to this band, it's that an open mind leaves no room for a one trick pony. Our story is being written with each moment, and in time we hope our music will find your ears.


Immersed in Color

Written By: Messiah Trap

Come on earth woman
and talk to me
Tell me everything
so we can be
Dream, dream, dream
drift away
Rest assure
you'll second guess no more

Come along for the ride; Them tress spoke to me
You'll grow taller than the sky; Turn your light on inside

Emotionless rhythms
I try to escape
Got lost in the clouds
show me the way
Immersed in color
seen through fortunate eyes
Breaths of relief
an unclaimed energy

If I Could

Written By: Messiah Trap

What a wonder love can be, as we slip out of reality.
And the voices sooth and my mind don't seem to change, it only seems to me.

I'd save you if I could

On the way to be, everything I hate to see
One bad day, and one bad brain, and it all feels the same

Release Me to Enslave Me

Written By: Messiah Trap

Shivering in the wake of your dawn
Cover me with the blanket of forever being numb
Take me away to your sleepless dreamland
Show me the light that gives me feeling
Regret for what has been done
You love the moon but you're afraid of the sun
Don't you know that you have won
Is it hard to talk with a serpent for a tongue

Hey am I unnatural
Hey I can't help what I see
Oh oh my god now
Hey what's the matter with me

How will I be the same again
How will I ever be a decent man
Maybe if I went away for sometime
I'd be able to gain back my lost mind
Maybe I'm not the only one
Who stands to live but doesn't run
But after this you've still won
Is it hard to talk with a serpent for a tongue

Hey am I unnatural
Hey I can't help what I see
Oh oh my god now
Hey what's the matter with me

Behind the Scenes

Written By: Messiah Trap

There’s a cold wind blowin’
soon it’s gonna be here
Said, take a look around
the madness is everywhere
Uncle Sam says you got
some big ol’ shoes to fill
Avail our pride
you already surrendered your will
It’s time to be a man
You know what he said
it’s time to kill

Listen to what I got to say
I won’t give my blood today
Listen to what I got to say
I’m in search of a sunny day

A temptation held up high
you know I’m in disbelief
An opportunity gone dry
A hand shaken with deceit
Stand straight, don’t think
your hearts been seized
You know where you are
you’re behind the scenes

Set List

Messiah Trap's set list consists of all original material with a tasteful cover thrown in the mix every now and then. Messiah Trap are willing to play electric and acoustic sets.

Release Me to Enslave Me
Immersed in Color
If I Could
Opaque Thought
Behind the Scenes
My Day
When Away
Funk 'em(jam)