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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2001 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2001
Solo Rock Alternative




"V.K.Lynne, Musical Guardian Angel"

Musical Guardian Angel
V.K. Lynne keeps it all in perspective and gives it to you LOUD!
By Patrick Sheehy

Right there on the web. Trying to stand out in the crowd. Trying to make her mark. The home page paints a digital picture in pixilated detail. The blonde with girl next door looks wearing a miniskirt and a pair of angel’s wings with black feathers. The image grabs your attention.

Her music will keep your attention.

V.K. Lynne. The Sonic Playground podcast spotlighted her not long ago. And I’m glad for it. Like most indie artists these days, the labels only get it half right. V.K. get’s classified as Southern rock. But I think you’ll find, as I did, that she’s a whole lot more.

Make no mistake. She’s is a talented artist who also happens to be female. And attractive. Very. Have a look at the publicity pics. Among them, you won’t find many surprises. She’s hardly a dowdy type. Blue eyes. Blonde hair. A disarming smile. She’s in L.A. Hardly a rare commodity. And she wants to make a mark on the music world. Looks like she’s got her work cut out for her.

Hang on a tick. Read the fine print.

For every copy of Black Halo sold, $1 will be donated to N Rock United.

Huh? What? I’d never heard of N Rock. I looked them up at the link provided. As it turns out, N Rock United is an organization of musicians that donate their time and talent to assist medically challenged children.

I put my business hat on for a minute. This isn’t Bono we’re talking about. The profit margin for an artist isn’t exactly huge, let alone for one that isn’t exactly known to the masses. Donating a buck to charity for every unit sold is either a stunt or an act of incredible generosity and unselfishness. That question mark alone kicked me into gear. “Dear V.K.”, I wrote. And then I asked some pretty direct questions.

In the meantime, I bought the CD and thereby donated my buck to charity. I’d only ever heard two tracks so it was a bit of a leap of faith on my part. If the music sucked, it would have been me just giving to a good cause while buying something I’d later give to one of my brothers for Christmas. If the music didn’t suck, it would turn out that I had incredibly good taste.

V.K. wrote back with some pretty direct answers. The donations were far from a stunt. And the music didn’t suck. Looks like I’ve got incredibly good taste, and a good story to tell.

“Philly was not the town for a girl with a guitar when I left. I also had too much baggage. Tons of people from my college lived there, and I was still figuring it all out in college. I worked in theater for a long time, directing and such. I needed to start fresh. I got to L.A. and just went hell-bent for the music and didn't look back. I left behind who I was, and became who I wanted to be. And now that's who I am.”

The girl you see isn’t the one who came out of the City of Brotherly Love after releasing her debut CD, The Key Of V. And it’s hard not to draw on the clichés. For her part, V.K. is pretty open about it. “I was kind of an ugly duckling in high school, and my only claim to dignity was that I was smart. So I used my wits to get by, and stave off the pretty girls who made comments about my frizzy hair and bad skin. I developed a rather sharp tongue to be honest, something I am working on.”

Listening to tracks from that first album leaves you with one word in mind. Potential. Lynne is “five foot four on a good day” so you do wonder where the voice comes from. A strong range and lots of emotion add to the confusion but it’s a mix that works and there’s an old adage. If it’s weird but it works, then it’s not weird. V.K. agreed. V.K. wanted to do something a little more. So V.K. did what any sane person would have done.

She packed up and moved to L.A.

A lot of hard work followed. Working the live circuit. Writing. Reading. Living. Embracing a little more of who and what she feels passionate about musically.

“My two biggest influences are Melissa Etheridge and Beth Hart. In my late teens, I was wavering about what direction I wanted to take, and I saw Melissa's VH-1 Storytellers show. It was like a light went on. I turned to my mom and said, ‘That's it! That's what I'm going to do’. She (Melissa) has always spoken to me. She just gets up there and turns her soul inside out; gives you her truth, and makes yours bearable. When I moved to L.A., I went out one night to see Nuno Bettencourt play, and there was this madwoman playing before him - Beth Hart. She grabs you by the hair and makes you love her. I met her briefly later, and she's one of the coolest chicks out there. No pretense, just this raw rockstar who's all about the music and not about any 'image' or 'formula'. She's just this sweating animal up there. You want to go eat raw meat after you see her play. What appeals to me most about both of them is their truthfulness. Nothing is contrived, nothing is calculated. Love 'em or leave 'em, they are who they are. They've changed the preconceptions about what a woman can be in this business.”

The influences and all the effort show themselves clearly in V’s latest release. Black Halo is a spicy brew of rock and blues and country and folk with some other interesting influences thrown in for good measure. (The intro guitar work on the title track will make you think of a mariachi hard at work plying his trade before a cascade of electric guitars pays a surprising complement to the riff.)

It seems as if every track is telling you a personal story, but the music seems more like a dialogue than a monologue. Almost inviting you into a conversation. Blame Lynne’s unabashed views and openness. “Folks expect me to have a small voice, cause I'm a small chick. Then they come up to me after the show and say ‘I can't believe that voice came out of that little body! You look like a little rock and roll angel up there!’. Then my band said, ‘Well, I guess a rock and roll angel would have a black halo.’ Although my music is largely secular, I am a Christian, and I feel that rock gets a bad rap. I think you can be a rock star and have faith, even if the world thinks that gives you a black halo. It took on more and more meaning as time went on, so by the time we were ready to do the CD, there was no doubt it had to be called Black Halo. It seemed to sum up who I am.”

Even with a statement like that, V.K. doesn’t exactly come off as some sort of Amy Grant wannabe. No real effort at what the industry calls ‘crossover appeal’. She’s a rocker who happens to be a Christian. She’s definitively not a Christian dabbling in rock. Not with some of the lyrics you hear.

‘And it don’t mean a thing to her if you don’t understand. She don’t need a diamond on her hand to tell her who is her man.’

‘She’s walking around town with her heart rammed straight up her ass today.’

Combine that little sampling with really amped up guitar work and a chest thumping backbeat? You’re not exactly talking work safe easy listening. Far from it. But don’t worry. Lynne isn’t all about belting it out at high octane. Tracks like ‘Trading on 15’ and ‘My Bones’ will give you a bit of relaxation and introspection without making you feel the need to ask for an appearance on the next episode of Dr. Phil.

She’s hardly predictable. More than once I asked a question expecting a comical answer and got a serious one instead. More than once I asked a serious question and got the comical answer. Looking into the back-story on the woman behind the music and the music behind the woman will leave you wondering if you’ve understood everything correctly. About her faith. About her songwriting. About the way she lives her life. About her attitudes towards artists giving back to the people they call fans. Too good to be true?

I made a final push. The answer I got would have sounded like a cheesy sound byte had it come from anyone else. What I got was what I like to refer to now as the V Factor. The truth given to you with just enough seriousness to make you listen and just enough irreverence to make you smile.

So V, you've mentioned how some of your influences have changed the perception of what a woman can be in the music business. What do *you* hope to add to the mix?

“That people, women specifically, aren't always what they appear. No one ever expects me to have a low voice or a powerful voice, based on what I look like. They also don't expect me to write anything, at least not anything meaningful. I spoke to a manager recently who said ‘And who wrote all these songs for you?’ He was surprised that I did. There are a lot of double standards out there. To sell records, you are expected to be pretty. To be taken seriously, you are expected to be talented and of a certain depth. But the two remain mutually exclusive in the minds of many in this business. I was told by yet another executive that if I would ‘just sing some mainstream pop songs we could all make a lot of money’. Complete disregard for what I'm trying to do with my music. It's meant to comfort people, make them feel like they are not alone in what they're feeling, to pull up a metaphorical barstool next to them and say, ‘Yup’ while it buys them a beer. I recently saw an artist play in L.A. who told the crowd ‘I play music for small children to dance to’. Well, I write music for middle-aged women to drink to. And I don't think I need to look like Keith Richards to do that. No disrespect, Keith!.”

I’m not sure about all the middle aged women out there. But, I’ll drink to that…

V.K. Lynne can be found online at http://www.vklynne.com/

N Rock United can be found online at http://www.nrockunited.org/
- Patrick Sheehy

"V.K.Lynne- Black Halo"

As a guitarist, I often get asked to listen to other people’s CDs and usually I give them a whirl on the CD player. Rarely do I listen to them more than once, maybe twice. I listened to this CD FIVE times before I took it off! Yes, it’s THAT good!

This lady has a voice that MUST be heard! I could see myself driving a couple of hours away to hear her in concert because it would be worth it.

The title track, “Black Halo” had me thinking of Bonnie Rait with her sometimes raspy voice singing a bluesy tune. But the richness of V. K.’s vocal talents do not end with that. No. She shows she can step into the cowboy boots of any country music artist with relative ease in “Are You Still Here?”

The quality of production was outstanding with everything flowing well. Nothing was overdone including guitar solos or compression of vocals. At first glance of the back cover, it’s easy to mistake this CD as a possible
“Goth” offering what with Ms. Lynne in black leather boots and wearing black angel wings but that’s merely the window dressing.

Also unlike many of the mainstream female vocalists who usually perform songs that often do not challenge one's emotions or intellect, V. K. Lynne offers the listener songs of a very self-assured woman with much passion coming thru her voice. If you like your female vocalists a little bit sultry, a little bit bluesy, and a whole lotta GOOD, then Ms. Lynne will be one you’re sure to get a copy of and add to your library.

Reviewed by Mercenary Guitar Player for Cutting Edge Voices - Cutting Edge Voices

"Musical Discoveries"

(25 September 2005) Blues rock indie artist V. K. Lynne is a straight shooting singer/songwriter who has been compared to Melissa Etheridge, Sheryl Crow and Bonnie Raitt. Her ten track album, Black Halo, is a collection of personal songs that range from blues rock to thoughtful ballads.

Hailing from the east coast, she left Philadelphia in 2001 and headed to LA to stake her claim to fame. She became the lead singer/co-songwriter for a local LA band, Monogroove, within weeks of her arrival. During her first year in LA, she took a place on Music Connection's Top 100 Unsigned Artists list. Due to the success of her original music, she left the band and formed her own backup ensemble leading to a Rock City News Best Female Vocalist nomination in 2004. The end result is her current CD.

The music on Black Halo is a blend of traditional pop/rock and modern country with fabulous vocals that share her emotions and sensitivity. V has amazing vocal control and clarity of tone. All the songs were written and sung by V. K. This well-produced CD showcases her unmistakable style.

The title track calls attention to her fantastic rock/pop style. Apparently, the song, "Black Halo," started out as a joke. According to V, "I had a friend back in Philly who was African American, and she had this beautiful Afro, and she kept it meticulously, and I'd always pat it and say, 'Ruth, that's gorgeous, like a black halo!' And she said 'Someday you need to write me a song called that!' So I did. But then when we were picking a title for the CD, it took on more meaning. We were sorting through promo shots, and someone said 'Oh, in that one, with your blond hair, you look like an angel--well, a rock and roll angel!' And we decided that a rock and roll angel would have a black halo!"

"Scarlet Rain" has a great acoustic sound, with V's confident and self-assured singing. The hard-hitting "Her End of the Phone" has strong rock and a very upbeat guitar-laden sound. The mood changes with the ballad, "Other Side of My World." Her beautiful, angelic voice rings out clear and true with the flowing instrumentals certainly complementing her vocals.

"Are You Still Here?" opens with a great drum intro. Her straight up style continues with her amazing narrative tones in "My Bones" and "Become Again." Her songs contain a determination and purpose that is beautifully expressed. Her countrified sound comes through in "Trading on 15" with her flawless singing performance and wonderful guitar instrumentals.

The ballad "Baby" has great guitar, bass and drums which only enhance V's candid vocals and lyrics. She concludes with "Leaving the Life" which highlights her beautiful and emotive voice. In a simple, gentle piano background, V's passionate rendition is a stand-out.

She hopes that her songs will help people. "I pray that my songs will comfort and encourage people who've been in similar situations, inspire people who are ready to throw in the towel, and provoke self-examination for those who are not dealing with themselves. Because that's what writing these songs did for me. I think music, and all art, has a responsibility to make the world better - to shed light."

Black Halo is truly a wonderful collection of great songs performed to perfection by V. K. Lynne. Her strong vocals range from subtle tenderness to all out power, mixed with memorable melodies. The music is down-to-earth, well balanced and oh, so sweet. The album is sure to appeal to the listener who wants the rockier edge combined with emotional tenderness. - Musical Discoveries

"V.K.Lynne, Bernard Baur"

V.K. Lynne
The Mint
West Los Angeles

The Players: V.K. Lynne, vocals, guitar; Mark Agnesi, guitar; Brad Myers, bass

Material: This gig presented a stripped-down version of V.K. Lynne, who usually plays with a full band. Because of the set's un-plugged nature, Lynne's voice and songs were laid bare. Her blend of bluesy Americana, with a nod to southern rock, worked well in an intimate performance space. Lynne's songs were touching, moving and emotionally expansive. In fact, without the rest of the band present, this performer's innate talent and craftsmanship were prominently showcased.

Musicianship: V.K. Lynne opened her set a cappella, accompanied only by finger snapping. With her voice naked and exposed, the audience got a hint of the force that would follow. Once Agnesi and Myers joined her, the songs took on a fuller resonance. And while both players had their moments to shine, it was Lynne's voice that carried the songs. Deep and soulful, with good range, her vocals have old, wise and sensuous characteristics. It's this aspect of her talent that sets Lynne apart from other lead singers. She's a communicator, not simply an ent-ertainer.

Performance: Totally at ease and charming throughout the set, V.K. Lynne made the house her home. Her comments between songs, as well as her communication with her bandmates, made the proceedings fly by. Her set was over before you knew it, but its impact lasted long after she left the stage.

Summary: V.K. Lynne is a very interesting artist. Though her mat-erial seems to cover a broad range, from blues to rock to almost folk-like, her vocals give it all a signature sound. .... Indeed, when she kicks it in, her seductiveness is irresistible.
- Music Connection Magazine

"AntiMusic Review"

V.K. Lynne - Black Halo Review

by Gisele Grignon

Go on. I dare you. Try to stop your (insert preferred appendage/digit/body part here) from bopping along to VK Lynne's title cut (and the title to her CD), Black Halo. Based on the admittedly superficial but generally correct clue of a cowboy hat perched perkily on the head, I expected Lynne to open with traditional country strings, fiddle and maybe a piano for good measure. Instead, my ears (and previously mentioned body parts) were treated to a most unexpected, even unsettling Spanish guitar riff, followed not by San Antonio Rose type of ditty but rather, chip-on-my-shoulder, hurtin' lyrics and vocals. Think Jose Feliciano paired with a caffeine-infused Faith Hill. Sorta. Like the contradictory CD title, Lynne offers up an intriguing mix of genres.
By the fourth cut, "On the Other Side", with its soaring and searing vocals and sparse instrumentals (including a particularly effective maracas-like rattle (sorry, if that's off; no helpful clues on the liner notes or bio), and a violin that all but reaches into your heart and gives it a not-so-gentle shake and tug followed by a soothing caress. (I know; again with the contradictions). This one especially got to me, thanks to Lynne's impressive range and control: impressive without today's all-too-common "Hey you, look at me! Pretty powerful set of pipes, eh?"

Lynne's been described as roots, blues, rock, with a touch of country, but evidently my definition of country and that of other reviewers is miles apart, because to my ears, it's the other way round: Country with a smidge of rock-roots. You say tomato…If that analogy's too weak to be helpful, picture Nancy Griffith, Mary Chapin Carpenter with a sprinkle of Melissa Etheridge and a more-ticked off Gretchen Wilson. Ticked off as in, walking into your local honky-tonk and discovering the town floozie is not only wearing the very same pair of ass-kicking boots you're wearing, but she also paid wholesale. You know, edgy without actually drawing weapons.

That darker side is also present but subdued in possibly the most radio-friendly track: "Baby". That's not meant as an insult to this indie artist, who hails from L.A. by way of Pennsylvania Dutch Country (which may explain a whole lot). There's nothing wrong (and everything commercially correct) with producing a track that includes a strong hook--- that's hook-y without being hokey. Ditto the final cut. This strong, emotive and personal bookend to this unique and promising effort, is even more so because of, rather than in spite of, Lynne's musical contradictions. With Black Halo Lynne's more than earned her singer-songwriter wings. - antimusic.com

"VK Lynne Serves Up a Shot"

Do you ever watch American Idol? If so, you may have heard Simon mention a performer having the "it" factor. It's like a quality that's hard to exactly define, but you know it when you see or hear an artist perform. The first time I heard that distinct voice of V.K. Lynne, I could tell that she was different. I can tell you that she has that "it" factor and she is a young star that is about to burst loose on this dismal music scene that we are being subjected to right now.

Her newest CD is entitled "Whiskey Or Water" and one listen will set your senses on fire. This is her third Cd and she approached it much differently than the first two. "The new Cd is different in many ways. First of all, it was different in process. I went to Denmark to work with an amazing producer, James Thomas(Cher/Beth Hart), who really had a handle on what I was trying to say lyrically. We set out to make the best record we could; style, expectations and convention be damned! It's different writing-wise in that this record has an arc. Each songs details chronologically a different piece of the story of what I've been through and learned over the last two years. I think it's different in sound in that it's much more blues and rock than my previous work; which is where I've wanted to be all along and which is absolutely fitting considering the lyrical content," said Lynne.

VK has a very unique voice. The first thing that I thought of was the innocence of Jewel's voice with the harder edge of Melissa Etheridge mixed in. Her CD is somewhat of a photo album with each song being a snapshot that captures an aspect of her life over the last few years. "The song 'Whiskey or Water' was written around probably the lowest point of my life. I was struggling with anorexia and self-destructing. I was drinking too much, working too much, making bad choices, hanging out with negative people, not sleeping or eating enough and was pretty much miserable. I sat on my couch and cried for three days and at the end of it, I'd written 'Whiskey or Water'. It's probably the most important thing I have learned and I'm still not quite there, that everything has it's place and time and that moderating those things is what life is about. Too much of one thing means not enough of another. Some people and things are water; you can have unlimited amounts and you only benefit. Others are whiskey, one shot and you're probably good for the night and anymore and you may get sick," responded Lynne.

"Whiskey or Water", the title track to her new CD is a very powerful and emotional song. This song is a prime example of the power of her voice and how she makes the listener feel the impact of what she is singing. "Mess Like You" is another favorite of mine. It is a completely different song in context and style. This song is very fun and shows a sexier side to Lynne. "Salvation In The Skies" is actually a Christmas themed song but probably could be played year round and enjoyed just as much. I think this song is the best example of how pure her voice truly is.

I had to ask for the story behind another favorite track of mine "Dust Between the Dirt." Lynne told me, "I actually wrote this song a long time ago, it was essentially for my foster brother whose parents died when he was young. There was alot of hypocrisy from the local church surrounding the death of his father and it struck me that people may seem to be "good" from the outside, but they can be just as "bad", or worse,on the inside as the people they are condemning."

I really enjoyed this CD and I continue to listen to key tracks on it. Lynne mixes up rock and blues and ties all her songs together with religious undertones that are subtle sometimes but make a great point. You can learn more about her at her official website, www.vklynne.com or her MySpace page, www.myspace.com/vklynne or on Facebook. Jump on the bandwagon now before it fills up and you can say that you were here for the ride from the start!
- Johnny Price

"VK Lynne- Muzik Reviews"

VK Lynne
Whiskey or Water

VK Lynne is a blues rocker with soul. Soul that’s derived from strong Christian beliefs and a stark honesty that’s unfiltered in her music. It’s readily apparent that she’s being doing this for a while - an inherent confidence flows through Whiskey or Water, punctuating each syllable she sings.

Her latest effort is a heart-on-the-sleeve recollection of the last three years the singer has experienced. And what a journey its been, her passage through that period including struggles with anorexia, Hollywood, religious hypocrisy and love has been a long road.

The album provides great evidence into VK Lynne’s grasp of melody and cadence that puts several modern acts to shame. Tracks like the dark and sprawling “Dust Between The Dirt” and the pure and sincere effusiveness that is imbued from songs like the gliding “He Rolls” is pretty refreshing. Elsewhere, [on her previous release, Black Halo] the heartbreaking “Her End of The Phone” and “Black Halo” with its expressive reprises, sound like mainstream country standards.

On Whiskey or Water, VK Lynne comes close to reaching indie perfection and flourishes a vulnerability that should make her a queen of this often turbulent musical landscape. She wears her scars well and brings strength to several of the autobiographical songs on this well executed record.


-Rukshan Thenuwara, Muzik Reviews - MuzikReviews.com

"Whiskey or Water Review"

V.K. LYNNE - Whiskey Or Water:
I really do have a lot of time for VK Lynne as she really blows me away musically and more importantly she is one very cool lady. In fact I'd have to say that VK is one of my favourite artists to come out of America in recent years. Her last album 'Black Halo' was hot but this new release is a scorcher.

This ten track blues influenced rock album is simply a pleasure to hear and really does have you captivated from the moment you hear the opening track 'Find Me'. That opening number really drew me in and tracks such as 'Dust Between The Dirt', 'Whiskey Or Water', 'Coming Down' and 'Salvation In The Skies' held my attention. Listening to VK Lynne is as hot as great love making and that is no exaggeration. It's simply the truth.

As well as great music, there's also VK's vocals that just melt you, and the lyrics that chronicle the last three years of her life are so well written. If I'd had this album sooner, this would have certainly been in my top ten albums of 2009. It simply is that good. I love VK Lynne and am proud to admit it.

A dollar from every album sold will go to GEMS a NYC based organisation that aids sexually exploited girls so this is worth picking up just for that cause!
[Rating]: 10/10 - Street Voice UK Music Magazine

"VK Lynne: Whiskey or Water: Rating: 4.75/5.0"

From the start, I just want to say that I did not give VK Lynne a high score simply because she grew up in my backyard. We both may be from PA Dutch country, but I did not show any favoritism because of it. Now that my conscience is clear, it's on to Ms. Lynne's latest release Whiskey or Water. This is dynamite stuff. I have not been this thoroughly intrigued with a female vocalist of the blues/country/rock persuasion since I listened to Mary Chapin Carpenter's Shooting Straight in the Dark, and that's twenty years ago!
Between her smoky and soulful vocal delivery and thoughtful lyrics, VK Lynne is a hidden gem in the alt/indie circuit. Her vocal style is genuinely unique, yet I hear Alannah Myles, Bonnie Raitt, and maybe a hint or two of Mary Chapin Carpenter. But the latter may only be because of the personal and honest nature of the lyrics. To that end, Ms. Lynne is bearing her soul here, exposing her spiritual journey over the past several years: "her struggles with anorexia, Hollywood, religious hypocrisy, and love." Considering the vile nature of religious hypocrisy, Lynne shows amazing resilience showing some resemblance of faith over the course of this disc.
All this cathartic soul searching is done in the context of some very attractive and ambitious modern rock. The foundation is melodic rock with a blues chaser, but the overall tone does not have you imagining previous era. One listen to Mess Like You or Dust Between Dirt will convince you that Lynne has an ear for innovation, having a finger on the pulse of current music. Then again, listening to the melancholy Whiskey or Water (possibly the finest track), finds Ms. Lynne reaching deep into a traditional blues motif that invokes both tragedy and hope. In the end, it's that voice shaping those gritty reflective words that makes Whiskey or Water so entertaining, and dangerous. That latter characteristic informs the disturbing, delicious and eerie blues of He Rolls. I like it all.
VK Lynne's Whiskey or Water is significant music. With the rare gift of coherent and honest lyrical expression, Lynne exposes her soul in the context of absolutely intriguing modern alt/blues rock. I just wish it was longer. Quite recommended. Buy this disc! - Dangerdog Music Reviews

"VK Lynne - 'Whiskey Or Water' (Self Released)"

Coming across like a rockier Bonnie Raitt and Sass Jordan is VK Lynne who, with 'Whiskey Or Water', is making waves in all the right places.

The gravel-voiced starlet's latest collection comes heavily blues-based but grounded in rock. 'Whiskey Or Water' chronicles the last three years of VK's life and her spiritual journey throughout that period; her struggles with anorexia, Hollywood, religious hypocrisy and love. There is tragedy here, yet hope.

Stand out tracks for me are the opening duo of 'Find Me' and 'Mess Like You'. These highlight VK Lynne's astounding voice to the max, while also showing a emotion rarely found in female rock singers.

VK sums it up best with the following: - "What I am trying to say with my songs can be summed up in one scripture" she smiles, "In this world you will have trouble but take heart - I have overcome the world."

For me VK is a marketing team's wet dream. With the looks to back up the voice, keep an eye out for a star of the future! - Uber Rock

"VK Lynne CD Release Show - Cascade Studios - November 20, 2009"

I have followed the career of VK Lynne for the past several years, and have always been a fan of her musical style and voice. However, nothing could have prepared me for the awesomeness of her current music prowess. VK has had her ups and downs as she struggled to find her “voice” in today’s musical marketplace. Allow me to state unequivocally that she has found the perfect style and platform to impart her musical vision.

VK has been a fan of Beth Hart for many years. As a result, she stumbled upon Beth’s producer, James Thomas, one day on Myspace, and the two struck up a friendship. As they got to know each other, it became logical that James would be the perfect producer to bring VK’s music to life. With nothing more than her suitcase and music, VK boarded a plane and headed off to James’ home in Denmark. The result, as they say, is pure genius. Not only does James play every instrument on the CD, but his production is above reproach and among the finest jobs I have ever had the fortune to hear.

That being said, the trick for VK was to find local musicians that could bring the CD to life. She found those musicians in the cast she assembled for the CD release party. From the incredible percussion of Jake Hayden, the firm bass strokes of Eric Holden, the keys of Anna Seidler to the mesmerizing guitar riffs of Sean Hurwitz, as well as the perfect harmonies of backing vocalists Julie Neumark and Holly Lucille, VK has assembled a band worthy of the musical compositions she and James have produced.

The setting was perfect – a large sound studio with great acoustics and ample room for the band to shine. VK’s husband, Sean, opened the performance with a stirring spoken word recitation, which segued into the opening strains of “Find Me.” VK spent time between the songs telling background stories, which served to make the audience feel more a part of the show and the music. Of particular note were “Mess Like Me,” a straight-ahead rocker in the style of Janis Joplin and the title cut, “Whiskey or Water,” with the insightful lines “I don’t know who I am, until I look into the glass that’s in my hand, are you whiskey or water.” I also enjoyed her Christmas song, “Salvation in the Skies,” which is the type of holiday song that works year-round. VK closed her rousing set with a song from her first album, the rocking “Black Halo.”

For more info on VK Lynne, you should check out her official website at www.myspace.com/vklynne.

You can contact the reviewer at lamusiccritic@yahoo.com. - Bob Leggett


The Key of V- (all tracks available on iTunes)

1. Defend
2. Dust Between the Dirt
3. More Sure
4. On Christmas Day
5. Everything We Wanted
6. Drop 5
7. My Emily
8. Her End of the Phone
9. Baby
10. The Way it Goes

Black Halo- (all tracks available on iTunes)

1. Black Halo
2. Scarlet Rain
3. Her End of the Phone- (appeared on Catalyst 15 compilation for Breast cancer Awareness)
4. Other Side of My World- (theme to feature film "All Alone")
5. Are You Still Here?
6. My Bones
7. Become Again
8. Trading on 15- (Theme to award-winning web series of same name)
9. Baby
10. Leaving the Life

Whiskey or Water
1. Find Me
2. Mess Like You
3. Dust Between the Dirt (placed on "The Sirens' Garden" compilation by Eve's Apple)
4. Carnal Crucifixion
5. Whiskey or Water- (video shot by Goat Milk Fudge Productions)
6. Coming Down
7. Salvation in the Skies
8. He Rolls
9. Free
10. Sunday

Radio/web presence:
95.5 KLOS- Local Licks
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VK Lynne is a prolific BMI songwriter who has worked on a variety of musical projects in a variety of styles, published author of poetry and fiction, actor, and alternative model.

VK has written and recorded 3 full-length CD’s of material as a blues rock solo artist: The Key of V, Black Halo, and Whiskey or Water (which was recorded in Denmark with producer James Thomas (Cher, Beth Hart) in 2008). She created the critically acclaimed symphonic metal international recording project ‘Vita Nova’, which featured 13 artists from 6 different countries. Immediately after VN’s release, she joined the progressive metal band ‘stOrk’, which released its ‘Broken Pieces’, sadly, the week of its founder, Shane Gibson’s, death. Upon Shane’s passing, VK went on the front modern rock band ‘The Spider Accomplice‘, which has released 2 awarded EP’s (winner of LA Music Critic Awards’ Best Rock Band, Best Video Series, and Best EP) and toured with metal heavyweights ‘White Empress’ and ‘INSATIA’.

As a personality within the music community, VK is known as one of the founders of Eve’s Apple, a global group of professional female metal singers. The group’s goal was to foster community and cooperation between women, and the group boasted 50 women from approximately 22 nations by the time it closed its doors. Eve’s Apple’s accomplishments included releasing a compilation CD, the proceeds of which were donated entirely to Shropshire Music Foundation, and two historic performances at Belgium’s Metal Female Voices Fest. For the first time, 20 women of different nationalities, bands, and styles performed together as a group and in duos and trios in a show of solidarity and unity.

She is writer and director of the web series ‘Trading on 15’, which won in the webisode category at the 2011 Hollyshorts Film Festival, she produced and appeared in ‘Glittermortis’, an informational web series with Mary Zimmer of ‘White Empress’, and she was a 2015 recipient of the prestigious Jentel Arts Foundation residency award for her work as an author. Her novella ‘Even Solomon’ received 5-star reviews and her poetry volume ‘Crisis’ made Amazon’s Hot Sellers List.

Aside from her writing and singing activities, VK has appeared in several films, such as ‘108 Stitches’, a baseball comedy that received a national release, and ‘Quiet Riot: Well Now You’re Here, There’s No Way Back’, a documentary about the legendary seminal metal act, which was screened at Cannes Film Festival. Currently, she also performs with burlesque troupe ‘The Dollface Dames’ as ‘Pinky Dreadful’.

VK’s guitars are provided by Stagg/EMD music, and she has an artist’s arrangement with Sennheiser microphones.