These chicks want to play Metal - while shaking hips on the dance floor. Heavily-fuzzed speed-metal riffs and kick-heavy drums are all there, but so is a palpable New Wave influence, with oddly catchy grooves and synthesizers lending an added depth and variety to their mostly instrumental tracks.


Having been active in the Japanese indie rock scene for years -- suGar Yoshinaga leading the band Buffalo Daughter (Grand Royal), and Yuka Yoshimura drumming for OOIOO (feat. Yoshimi of Boredoms) and DMBQ, respectively -- the duo first united to play "heavy metal" in late 2000.
Soon after forming, Metalchicks recorded their first track, an instrumental called "Electric Mistress" for the 2001 No Indies, No Major compilation on Japanese indie label (DOUBLE BYTE Records). The track, which featured a third guest Metalchick on bass, captured the rough-edged yet complex and irregular structure that personifies suGar and Yuka's take on "heavy metal." The heavily-fuzzed, minor chord speed-metal riffs, triangle-shaped guitars and kick-heavy drums are all there, but so is a palpable New Wave influence, with oddly catchy grooves and synthesizers lending an added depth and variety to their mostly instrumental tracks.
Metalchicks?f first gig as a two-piece was in December 2002, their amalgam of classic metal/rock/drum'n'bass/electro-synth music instantly appeals to both the hipsters and the heshers in attendance. Word of the band quickly spreads across the sea to New York, and two months later Metalchicks are chosen to open for Sonic Youth in Tokyo. In 2005, the band releases its first album, Metalchicks on Japanese indie Music Mine. It charts number one that summer on CRJ-TOKYO.
The second album, St. Wonder is released in July 2006. It serves as the original soundtrack to director Issei Oda's live-action film based on the '80's Japanese manga "Warau Mikaeru (Arch Angels)," by Izumi Kawahara, about three schoolgirls endowed with super-human powers who battle evil forces at their private school, St. Michael's. The movie is slated to open nationwide in Japan in the summer of '06.
The list of the band Metalchicks has shared the stage with is variety. From electronics/experimental/noise/avant-garde to power rock/ punk, or dance/rave music - Sonic Youth, The Fucking Champs (a Metalchicks favorite), Swedish electro-pop artist Andreas Tilliander, DJ Mani from Primal Scream, BEZ from Happy Mondays, Buffalo Daughter, Electric Eel Shock, Afrirampo, etc.
They have also earned the international profile by their performance at some major festivals such Fuji Rock Festival 06 (the biggest rock festival in Japan), Canadian Music Week 05 (Tronto, Canada), CMJ Music Marathon 06 (New York, USA) They are expecting to perform at upcoming SXSW 07 (Texas, USA) which is followed by USA tour in March 2007.


We Are The Warriors

Written By: Sugar Yoshinaga

We are the warriors
There is another victim
We are the warriors
The world is in disaster
We are the warriors
Having strong conviction
We are the warriors
We battle for a victory

We are the warriors
We battle with pride

Girls School

Written By: Sugar Yoshinaga

I wanna be the one tonight
I wanna feel your love

Just like my dream last night
Blow me a kiss and I'll get high

You are the most wanted, beautiful girls
Kill me with your sinful smile

We Will Survive

Written By: Sugar Yoshinaga

We'll survive 'till we rock it
We'll survive 'till we really rock it
We'll never die 'till we rock it
We'll never die 'till we really rock it

It ain't nothing but rockin' rockin'


Metalchicks (2005 - Music Mine/ Kotori Punk)
St. Wonder (2006- Heat Cartel/ Kotori Punk)

12" EP
Tears For Fears/ Conspiracy (2006 - Life Line/ Kotori Punk)

Compilation Album
"Electric Mistress" (on the compilation album "No Indie, No Major" - Double Byte Records 2001)

Set List

Power To Girls
St. Wonder
All I Want
We Are The Warriors
Fast & Furious
King Of Kings
Need Your Love
Queen Of Bees
We Will Survive