Our sound comes from old-school heavy metal bands such as Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, etc. along with more faster thrash elements from Megadeth and Anthrax. We have varying sounds in all our songs which resulted to be technical and precise.


Metalloyd is a Heavy Metal band based out of Houston Texas. The music of Metalloyd can best be described as a combination of the band’s classic metal influences of the 80’s and a more modern aggressive sound. The band started its career in 2003 performing covers and slowly began to gain a following through its high energy shows and song selections. Once the band began writing material, the incorporation of their influences were easily recognizable, and they brought an old school feel to a drastically different music scene. With six years of performing live and writing material, Metalloyd has not lost any of the intensity that first made them stand out. The line-up is Chris Salazar on lead guitar and lead vocals, Anthony Sanchez on lead guitar and backing vocals, Luis Garcia on bass and backing vocals, and Daniel Ramos on the drums. These four metal heads all share one common dream, to continue to write and perform their music to any and all who share the same love for Heavy Metal music.


Alas, Babylon

Written By: Metalloyd

Red alert! The risk is high
Nuclear missiles roam the sky
Duck for cover, run for shelter
Can't escape the Russian pelter
Flash so bright, thunderous sound
3 seconds till it hit the ground
Race of arms, the world has lost
Destroyed by nuclear holocaust!

Alas Babylon, now the time has come
The future is too dark to see
Death from above, the reds fire their guns
Mankind is history

Evil whore sits on the beast
United states to say the least
Desolate land the stone we cast
Hallelujah truth at last
Earth to flames, world inferno
The human race thought eternal
Ultimate sin, salvation never
As the smoke rises forever!

To Conquer With Violence

Written By: Metalloyd

To conquer with violence, transgress the line of sin
Embedded in man's glory, the undying struggle within
No words can justify, no bullet can set you free
From the pain of man, those who can take a life watch them bleed

Divide and destroy the land
Bleed the weak take 'em by the hand
The sign of things sure to come
When the law was written in our blood

Fight! Fight! Fight until the death!
Kill! Kill! Kill and never rest!

Let no man judge but from the path he has chose
The path of greed and all their selfish goals
Left in this world alone and forgotten
No will to remain and destiny has brought them
Destined to kill, Destined to die
To conquer with violence everything in sight

Blood, the familiar taste
Death, the hand we are drawn
Fate, you must obey
Kill, the hand of our brother shall kill us, all

The Aftermath

Written By: Metalloyd

Smoke is all gone, filling the clouds
Souls are all lost, left with the crowd
Nothing can save us, hope is all lost
Dying's a must, life all exhaust
Diamonds to rust, money to ash
All such a rush, happened so fast
Holes to dig, bodies fill in
Is all of this rigged, or is this the end

It's the aftermath, repeating the past
It's the aftermath, stabbed in the back
It's the aftermath, repeating the past
It's the aftermath, shaking your hand

Offerings to the Doomed

Written By: Metalloyd

Hand of doom has a grip on me, around my throat
The noose of society, and its deadly hold
My world melts away, drift towards my ending day
My life sacrificed, for what goddamn price

Condemned for my deed, so called wicked ways
Right at the stroke of 5, will they set my soul ablaze
The guard drags me to my trial, walking, chained, through the ailes
Judge say's "According to god, you will face the full penalty of law!"

Your offerings to the doomed
Where you go there is no light
Your offerings to the doomed
The price you pay is your life

I am, guilty though my heart does not see
I am, judged by their oblivious faith
I am, sentenced with false persecution
I am, no longer afraid to be

I forgive you for your misguided faith
But in the distance I see the flames, which will burn, burn like me

Misty morning comes to rise, the last I will see
The trees sway goodbye, the wind tries to blow me free
The children smile around me, the crowd starts to cheer
As I drift towards the executioner, the hellish world reappears

Red Dawn

Written By: Metalloyd

Hell from the sky, shadows of death invade
Their fucking war of attrition they wage
They rid out the blood for the heart of the land
Red runs deep drowning the city in fear
Their freedom oh they held so dear
Now we see the battle at hand
The curtain of iron chokes the land even tighter
Possessing control over everything they desire
Oh the bravery of those who dare, make a stand

I will defend my country
With everything inside of me
I will take back my home
With the vengeance of the Wolverines

We'll show 'em what we're made of
We'll strike at dawn
The hour that they'll dread
When the sky burns red

Oppose the invasion, resist their communist force
Our brethren die but their lives are not lost
No red can escape our retribution
Fight for the freedom, defy at all cost
Grace fire of fury, flank from the front
Pushing our foe into obliteration
Vengeance with slaughter, till we burn out the sun
No room for mercy just look what they done
United together but you know that we stand alone


We have around 20 original songs which have not been formally released but continue to play at live shows every chance we have. We have multiple recordings over the years varying in sound quality due to many different studios we've tried out.