We are a northeastern Ohio ,Thrash/hardcore metal band. We have been opening and supporting some of metals top national acts. We are currently in the studio recording a brand new cd. The music is a mix of heavy driving sound that is determined to rip you eardrums off. This is the real deal.


Metalourd is a hard driving Thrash and Hardcore influenced band. Some of our influences include Slayer,Early Metallica,Pantera,Lamb Of God,Trivium and Hatebreed


blessed insanity

Written By: metalourd

Fuck the weak and bless the wicked
Holy words they are ommitted
To many now of countless souls
To many for god to control......

Why should I kneel ?
To whom should I pray?
Wonder who is listening
when Heaven is insane!

Metal no Mercy

Written By: MetalourD

Now it's time that we all pull together..
they say that metals dead but i'm rockin forever...
I don't fuckin care what you say or do..
I don't care what you think ,got nothin to prove...



We currently have tracks on our my space page, We have 5 previous recordings with different members in the band. We have been featured on numerous northeastern Ohio radio stations as well as some new internet radio stations.

Set List

usually our set list verys with the venue. Sometimes 1 hour up to two and a half hours. our songs include. One From another,Metal No Mercy,Lies,Blessed Insanity,Blasphemy,Schyzophrenic,Bring Down The Evil,Awake Me,Freak Of Nature. We do covers of Slayer,Metallica,Black Sabbath,Lamb Of God,Pantera,Trivium and Shadows Fall