I am a high energy, non-stop DJ. The more people the better, and I feed off the crowd. My live mixes are made up of smooth transition after smooth transition, keeping a fierce tempo and keeping the dance floor busy. I do know how to open for bigger acts, and I know how to play a particular role.


I started off asking friends if I could mix their house parties for free. I was instantly hooked on mixing and producing from the second I began. I quickly moved up the ranks, and began getting hired for private parties and night clubs after only a few months. My produced tracks are influenced by the high energy of Steve Aoki, the grungy style of Feed Me, and the fluidity of Datsik. Music is more than just a hobby for me, and I don't plan on slowing down anytime soon.


EP in the works now.

Set List

I don't use a set play list. Every show is different because every crowd is different.