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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"debut album review by FHM"

The story:
An unexpectedly qualitative and professional debut album by Latvian boys, who don’t try to hide the fact that they listen to Coldplay.

The verdict:
One cannot avoid comparing Metanoia with the crystal clear guitar chords of Chris Martin’s band and Sigur Ros’ dreamful musical influence.
There is however a focused and a much-promising potential in the first Metanoia CD, which is usually difficult to be achieved having been together for less than two years.

The missing song:
Free Me (available at )
- Valdis Pâns

"debut album review by Entertainment"

“Latvians have their own Coldplay now!” – Someone was heard saying at a concert about this group, forgetting the band Oceanfall who had a similar taste. However, while listening to the CD, it becomes clear that the streaming clear energy could not be created just by reading books about rock music and by having bought musical instruments. This is the case when songs stand above the form of expression and even if it is similar to that of others, it is the world that decides, not the band. - Uldis Rudaks

"debut album review by Music Sun"

By Dace Volfa, music critic

Metanoia is definitely a pleasant addition to the Latvian new music choice and their album Ordinary undoubtedly is the most powerful rock music debut album of the year in Latvia. Unfortunately part of Metanoias’ success is due to the pale background – if we take in account actually released albums and not just separate songs and foggy promises for the future. So it is not hard for them to excel. Metanoia themselves think that lyrics are their strongest trump, however if the boys want to gain popularity not only among their brothers and sisters in Christ, but in a wider public, they will have to get rid of a few clichés. There is a contradiction between denying influences from Coldplay and hearing their music, where quotes from the most popular British band can clearly be heard. And at the same time Metanoia has a great potential for the future – after all, U2 started as a Christian band, too!

Performance 4/5
Delight 3/5
Design 4/5

By Jânis Stundiòð, music journalist

This band has been heard to be called the Latvian version of Radiohead. It seems to be nonsense, but a positive attitude towards the work of Metanoia… On the whole these sunny-sad and reflective soft rock guitar passages allure to think they are the followers of Coldplay. But then some will say that Coldplay are the followers of Radiohead, and Radiohead are the followers of Pink Floyd, U2, Joy Division and who knows what else… But this in return is the very trouble with Metanoia – their accomplishment is surprisingly powerful and even emotional to many. They still seem to be the followers of a high-class and quality – of something smart and British. But that is about the only thing worth criticising them for. Otherwise – this might be the debut of the year. Based on its contents and form there has not been a more qualitative and convincing debut since The Movies (now called Tribes of the City).

Performance 5/5
Delight 5/5
Design 4/5

By Kaspars Zaviïeiskis, music journalist

The guys from Metanoia have not called their album Ordinary without a purpose. It is incredibly simple and ordinary; however in this case it really works. It works so well that you automatically want a big shot from the British music industry to get a hold of them, just as it happened to the Tribes of the City (previously known as The Movies). Most probably it won’t happen, because Metanoia do not offer anything too original – in fact they resemble many bands from the foggy England. A tone similar to that of Coldplay can be easily heard in their music, but it does not mean that Metanoia have deliberately chosen to sound like Chris Martin and his team. Latvia is a foggy enough country too to find just as sombre and gloomily sadly intriguing music, which at moments reminds of the Icelandic group Sigur Ros. You will probably agree that these comparisons are not the worst, so there is nothing other for it than to wish Metanoia a sunny, excuse me – foggy future.

Performance 4/5
Delight 4/5
Design 3/5
- Dace Volfa, Jânis Stundiòð, Kaspars Zaviïeiskis


debut album "Ordinary", 2006
singles - "Addicted", "See me coming back", 2006
video - "See me coming back", will be released on Christmas


Feeling a bit camera shy


brightest debut in Latvian guitar-music for last few years. (Jânis Þilde, music critic,

metanoia is definitely a pleasant addition to the Latvian new music choice and their album Ordinary undoubtedly is the most powerful rock music debut album of the year in Latvia. (Dace Volfa, music critic, Music Sun)

There is a focused and a much-promising potential in the first Metanoia CD, which is usually difficult to be achieved having been together for less than two years. (Valdis Pâns, FHM)

At the end of year 2004 Uldis joined Janis, Krists and Kristaps and they put their musical experiments and searches under a name “metanoia”. The first concert was just after few rehearsals with great response from the listeners which made to think that guys have met with a purpose. Since that time a lot of things have changed, but love to one another and music has grown and permanently fixed.

The idea about album grew stronger when they started to do more concerts outside Latvia in Germany, Estonia and Lithuania. June – October 2005, was the period of time when they recorded their debut album Ordinary, which ideologically point to simplicity, but at the same time uniqueness. Just like the fingerprints which are seen on the album design. Seems to be very simple and ordinary, but at the same time unique, because there is only one of the kind.

There are 10 songs with a bonus track, which were recorded at the “Sound Division Studios” and “Latvian Christian radio music recording studio” by Brian J. Lindsay (USA) who was the main sound engineer for this album.

At the very beginning of year 2006 Addicted was presented as the first single from upcoming album. The song immediately got into the playlists of biggest commercial radio stations in Riga as well as regional radio stations in Latvia. Soon after huge interest was showed from the main music and entertainment mass media. The music critic Janis Zilde ( – leading news portal) recognized metanoia as a brightest debut in Latvian guitar-music for last few years. The debut album reviews were published in all influential and leading mass media (Izklaide (Entertainment), Muzikas saule (Music sun), FHM, Cosmopolitan,, and others), but over all compliments from critics, more delight is received from every listener who has bought debut album and with his/her presents creates this special atmosphere in every well received metanoia concert.
See me coming back was the second single from metanoia album, which fallowed first single addicted which has been in radio SWH lobby top10 for 16 weeks.
The future plans are to provide metanoia music spread over the borders of Latvia.
“We’ll have to work hard, but at the same time we’ll have to day-dream a lot, because dreams and desire to realize them makes us work even more enthusiastic/harder. All we want to do is to be in this world and share with what we have received. After all, if we can stir up imagination, open up ones mental outlook and to help to find revelation – we couldn’t wish for more. The highest thing what we could hope is that in this big triad, there would be involved all parts – God, metanoia and listener. “