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Metaphor is the just what Hip Hop needed! Lyrically, he cannot be compared to anyone in the business. The CD entitled "Meta4ically Speakin' will set a new standard for urban music. Metaphor has the ability to entertain with words and captivate the minds of the listeners.


Metaphor: Meta4ically Speakin' - Summer 2004

This CD is by far one of the hottest independent releases ever! It's complete with non-stop punch lines, incredible back to back verses, amazing detail and thought provoking metaphors. With production by the incredible Syd Style (Funked Up Productions) and Kevin "Kali" Jones and Rick Jones (GAJA Productions) this CD is guaranteed hot! Metaphor has over fifteen years of experience in the musik business. This is not the typical Hip Hop artist, M4 has so much more to offer. Coming from Atlanta, GA with a different sound all together, M4 has spent most of his life in the Midwest. The city of Milwaukee, WI played a major role in the success of M4's musik. Metaphor relocated to Milwaukee from South Bend, IN in 1989 at the age of 14 to live with his older brother, but things didn't work out. Unfortunately, M4 has been on his own in this cruel world every since. But this is far from a sad story. Because of his situation, M4 looked at this as an opportunity to learn and grow as a person and an artist. During his senior year in high school, Metaphor started a group called Mizkunsepshun and began performing throughout the Midwest. Eventhough the group received rave reviews, it was destined for M4 to take his musik to the next level.

In 1993, Metaphor's son was born and this changed everthing. Having full custody of his son made getting a record deal seem impossible, but this was only one speed bump on his road to success. Metaphor stayed involved with musik by becomming a memeber of CAMS (the Chicago Association for Musicians and Songwriters). This provided M4 with the tools need to move a step futher in his musik. It was now time for M4 to hook up with some fella's that has the same goals and aspirations and that's where Tha Jenkins come into play. Consising of Nnatumba Jackson, Darnell (Parla') McCloud, LaJuan (Pookie) Clark, Shan, Jeff, James (Abstruse) Tucker and Antoine (A-One) Walker, Tha Jenkins became Metaphor's family and together the Fam was able to control the musik scene in Milwaukee. With producers and engineers such as Steve Hurt and Chris Bias backing the projects, Tha Jenkins were becomming a powerhouse. As time passed, Metaphor realized that the only way that he would be heard on the next level was to take his talents back to Atlanta, GA in 1996 were had to start over from scratch and get back on the grind. After several disappointing situations, M4 finally met a producer named Syd Style and began recording Meta4ically Speakin' at StudioOne in Atlanta. Teaming up with Lion Heart on the boards and Syd Style on the production, the results of the finished project are amazing! But don't take our word for it, we'll let you be the judge! Oh Yeah, the term "unsigned hype" is an under statement! Meta4ically Speakin'


1996 Independent LP Release " Road 2 Success"
Released in the Midwest (Milwaukee, Chicago and Indiana) and received great reviews.

Set List

Tha Get Down
Until You're ready
How We Do!
45 Minutes to an hour