Metaphor for Everything

Metaphor for Everything

 Canton, Massachusetts, USA

Psychedelic soul rock


Born and raised in Canton, Massachusetts, blood brothers Brett and Eric Greene and cosmic brother Stephen Post have, in one configuration or another, played together since they picked up their instruments. In 2005,The Greene boys formed The Smoking Greenes, an acoustic folk duo. Brett had abandoned two previous rock projects, Unherd, and the later Problem-Addicts. While Eric finished his last semester at Umass Amherst, Brett went to Vietnam. Following this trip, he reunited with his first band mate ever, Stephen Post. Metaphor for Everything was born. Six months and several members later, Eric returned from school to join as drummer, songwriter and vocalist, anchoring MFE's power-trio lineup.


Jaco Sunrise

Written By: Brett Greene

Jaco sunrise,
The motorbikes clear their rusty throats
The big trucks bellow out low notes and the
Sky is streaked with yellow brown and gray.

I’ve been wide-eyed,
Reading Neitzche and the Gospels side by side,
In a world that grows increasingly obscure,
To be revealed for me to explore.

To dive in,
To the deep end,
To go flirting
with the dangers yet to come.

Fear is a brushfire,
takes all that you give,
Given this one life,
I wanna live
Kindly, carefree,
Give me love.

Skirt across the walls and marble floor,
Looking for essentials, nothing more,
But me, oh me, I need to explore

In the pigsties,
Their screamin’ in the concrete of the pen,
The echoes almost carryin the scent
In paradise, the smell of excrement.

And I fear,
That all this beauty,
Won’t vaccinate me,
From the pain that is to come.

Fear is a brushfire,
Takes all that you give,
Given this one life,
I wanna live,
Kindly, carefree, give me love.

I’m in Saigon,
Pushin’ all my fears into my heals,
Filmin’ all I see from these two wheels,
With one hand ‘round the driver while the other hand reveals.

I could die now, underneath the behemythic skyline
Or underneath the palm trees on the shore,
Without a qualm or need to explore.

In a place,
So oft defended,
And a people,
who never once succumbed.

Fear is a brush fire,
takes all you can give,
given this one life,
I wanna live,
Kindly, carefree, let me


Written By: Brett Greene

I used to fret about endangered geese
The Polar Ice caps and the dream of world peace
Now I've given up and it feels great 
I put my faith on a doomsday date

1  -   2,         2 - 1,        2 - 0 - 1 - 2 
Got a vision from a vine that I know is true
Of the nephilim of Niburu, coming to end this here experiment and start anew 
Seen it in a vision, a vision from a sacred elf
if it all don't end by 2012 I gotta kill myself

Environmentalist you're out of touch, you 
wanna save the world when it costs too much.
I'd rather leave this ball of cheap cement,
and make all my bills irrelevant.

1  -   2,        2 - 1,         2 - 0 - 1 - 2 
they won't be cashin' in on no I O U.
So tell your creditor to go and screw 
brew some B. Caapi vine or some syrian rue

have yourself a vision, as vision from a sacred elf,
if it all don't end by 2012 you better kill yourself.

Planet X, Aztecs, reptile men - they were here before 
they're coming back again.  
Read all about it on the internet you see I
read a lot of blogs now my mind is set.

Ain't gonna be another Christian con, another
you're still here but your money's gone
No, 1  -   2         2 - 1         2 - 0 - 1 - 2 
they come to give humanity a final clue.

Our planet is a prison,
imprisoned by a secret twelfth
if it all don't end by 2012 you better kill yourself

Dear Everyone,
It's 12:01 am, December 22, 2012 and - 
I'm to ashamed to stay alive. That and my credit cards are all maxed out
I'm way underwater in my house and mankind remains to bugger the planet.
That whole 2012 myth was just a way to take my money
Truth never meant a thing - 
To think, I bought all that
Well I just polished off a bottle....
I'll leave it at that
Have fun living in this sore, forsaken world.
I'm out!


Jaco Sunrise

Set List

Typical set is 9-10 songs, all originals.