Psychetronic, big beat, EBM, electro cyber phantasmagoric punk ass techno rock and roll.


Metasylum began in Portland Oregon in the summer of 2001 when keyboardist Trenor Rapkins parted ways with the indie rockers The Prids. After several years of acquiring new equipment, experimenting, and learning the fine art of digital programming, a ten song demo was completed.
Although the original idea for the project was purely electronica based due to the influence that the 1990's Rave scene played upon his psyche, the songs naturally evolved into a harder more rock and roll format over time. The result of this hybrid fusion of guitars, vocals, synthesizers, samples, and electro beats produced a unique sound that is similar but different from others in the electro industrial and ebm world.
In 2006, Craig Winston, a former fire performer in the performance troupe Cirkus Pandemonium and current singer songwriter for his own project, joined the project to play guitars for the live show.
The lyrical content of the songs reflect a belief in music as a catalyst for transcendence from the everyday mechanical nature of 21st century reality.


10 song demo (four songs playing on our myspace and on Vampire

Set List

We usually like to play for no more than 40 minutes which is about seven or eight of our best songs --- which includes a cover of the Britney Spears classic "Hit Me Baby One More Time".
Here is what a typical set list looks like:
4-Burning Alive
6-Beyond Religion
7-Hit Me Baby One More Time