Meteorade is an indie rock/pop band from Madison, WI. Meteorade's songs have been described as power pop with "great hooks but very non-power pop song structures" -- instrumental jams complement catchy choruses. Meteorade has been sometimes compared to bands like Pavement and Built to Spill.


Meteorade doesn't want to be the most cutting-edge or important band in rock history. Meteorade's talent lies in its ability to create smart indie pop/rock songs that (according to The Onion's AV Club) are full of "resourcefulness and variety" as well as "refreshing eagerness." The band's diverse set of influences is apparent in its mixture of pop hooks with instrumental jams; as said by another reviewer, Meteorade's songs "do not coast on a single style for long."

Meteorade is made up of four music geeks from Madison, Wisconsin. All are classically-trained multi-instrumentalists, and all met and started playing together in 2007 after meeting each other through the University of Wisconsin. Meteorade's sound has been compared to bands like Pavement, Built to Spill, (old) Weezer, and Cake, and the band's favorite artists also include Pedro the Lion, John Frusciante, Elliott Smith, Failure, garage rock like the Kinks, and Dr. Dre.

Over the past two years, Meteorade has played over 80 gigs in three states, been featured on student radio, received positive reviews in various Madison publications, and split the bill with popular national and regional touring acts. Meteorade has always believed that music comes before image and gimmickry, and the four members of Meteorade look to the openness and fun spirit of certain 90's and 00's indie rock bands for inspiration while maintaining their creativity and freedom.

Meteorade released its debut album, Shaking Strangers, on January 22, 2010 after recording and releasing two EPs on a smaller scale. Shaking Strangers shows Meteorade's growth as a band and its venture into more collaborative territory: pop hooks are complemented by instrumental jams, and the full spectrum of Meteorade's sound, made possible by three different singer-songwriters, can be heard on the album. Meteorade has never been about any one thing: it's the band's diversity of influences and ability to change sounds at a moment's notice that keeps the act fun and interesting. But don't take our word for it: listen!


Shaking Strangers - full debut LP - January 22, 2010

Spatial Integrity (4 Song EP) - January 2008

Set List

Flexible set length; typically 40 minutes - 1 hr.

Original songs:
A Cookie
Anxiety Candidate
International Development
Let It Stop
Repeat Offender
Roosevelt Man
Selective Memory
Sending Me a Storm
Thick Rotten Song
Thinking About You
(plus other old songs / new songs in the works)

Covers we have played recently:
Debaser (Pixies)
Evil (Interpol)
I Saw Her Standing There (Beatles)
Never There (Cake)