Mete Pills

Mete Pills


We get called everything from "space pop" to "alterna-punk" to "the lovechild of the Jesus Lizard and The Beach Boys". We have veterans of the Vancouver scene proudly displayed who are intent on writing some catchy as hell songs with just enough weirdness to not be written off as deliberate.


Guitarist Tim McGuinness(All State Champion, Last Plague), drummer Dave Marrow(Last Plague) and bassist Denyss McKnight(The Black Halos, Left Spine Down) had been playing together for years but had never explored what it took to write a catchy hook in with their relentless time signature and key changes. Vocalist Andrew Barker approached Dave about starting a band to do just that, taking influences from 90's post punk(Fugazi, At the Drive-In) and modern disco punk(Les Savvy Fav, Metric) and filtering it all down into what would become Mete Pills.
The band quickly recorded their first 3 song EP and subsequently began playing shows, on multiple occasions opening up BeatRoute Magazine sponsored events. Mete Pills' first few shows saw them opening for the likes of Mean Jeans, Pangea, The Shrine, Black Wizard and Anchoress; and despite the broad range of the the acts that followed them, they were well received by all audiences and bands alike. Mete Pills is by far one of the most versatile bands to fit any bill and performs with an energy that is both intense and perfect for a party vibe.


Check out for a free stream or download of their first 3 available track.