"Catchy, melodic indie rock at it's finest." "Some of the best indie pop around" These are some of the things the critics are saying about Metermaid, an indie rock quartet from northern Illinois.


Metermaid is an indie rock/fuzz pop band from Northern Illinois.

The band consists of Zack Kloska, Chris Kyrouac, Dylan Kloska and Dan Laumbacher.

Metermaid recorded their debut record, "Live Together" in Decemeber of 2005, at Planet Ten Studios in Barrington, Illinois. Then, the band consisted of Zack and Dylan, along with bassist Alex Benson, and drummer Ben Thompson, both of whom left the band as things began to pick up for Metermaid.

Zack Kloska writes the majority of the songs, and all the lyrics, with Chris Kyrouac on bass, Dan Laumbacher on drums and backup vocals, and Dylan Kloska on guitar, and secondary writer.
Metermaid is currently in pre production for their second record, which they will produce and record themselves. It should be out in very early 2007, and will feature a more mature, and musically inclined sound that previous lineups had prevented.

Metermaid will be touring again soon after the release of the second album.

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Metermaid Quick Facts:

In the spring of 2006, Metermaid released "Live Together", an 8 song record produced by Jimmy Johnson of Planet 10 Studios in Barrington, Illinois. The record took only ten days to record, a remarkable pace considering the band had never recorded a full album before.

'Live Together" immediately began to gather rave reviews from the likes of Smother Magazine, and Independent, as well landing Zack and Dylan a feature interview in the Northwest Herald, and mentionings in the Illinois Entertainer, the RedEye, and the Chicago Reader.

Metermaid began to develop a buzz on the internet, gaining over ten thousand plays in the first three months after the release of "Live Together", and word was the band was in talks with a record label.

In early March Metermaid hit a new high, as they were the first band selected to play on the Ernie Ball Stage in Chicago for the 2006 Vans Warped Tour.
In May/June, the rumors of Metermaid signing with a label came true, when they signed their first record deal with Autonomous Records, an indie label based out of Champaign. Later in June of 2006, Metermaid announced their first national tour, in support of "Live Together" which was added to iTunes as part of the deal with Autonomous Records.

Metermaid toured for most of August, playing some great venues, and meeting some great bands along the way.
Currently, Metermaid is playing shows, and writing material for what will be their second record.


2006 Live Together Self-Released
1. Dear Me
2. Live Together
3. Feel Good Inside
4. Blow
5. OJ
6. Mt. Olive
7. In Your Head
8. Runaway

Our songs are played regularly on WPGU, WIDB, and Emergenza Radio-
Metermaid has rotating songs streaming on myspace and purevolume.

"Live Together" can be purchased at Record Breakers as well as online at

Mp3s can be purchased on any download site including iTunes, Napster, RHAPSODY, MusicMatch, Audio Lunchbox, MusicNow, MSN Music Service,, Sony Connect, MusicNet, Liquid Audio, Destra, FutureTrax, Downrip, eCast, Wippit, and Musicstream, and every other download site you can find.

Smother Magazine EDITOR'S PICK Review-

"These guys are where Weezer was when they formed back in ’92. Metermaid writes engaging melodic music that is pretty damn good for a bunch of teenagers and one guy who’s old enough to buy the brews. Sure to enlist the help of a bunch of likeminded college rockers, Metermaid will get some CMJ listings. Hell they were good enough and indeed ARE good enough to land an opening spot at their local Warped Tour in Chicago this summer. Check ‘em out, you won’t regret hearing a great melodic indie rock band that likes their piano, likes their guitar, and most importantly likes their melodic catchy pop hooks."

- J-Sin Smother Magazine

Set List

Our typical set is a high energy rock spectactle. We always bring a TV on stage with us, playing old rarities and cult classics on VHS, and we also always bring our own lights and strobes. We also like to bring our friends on stage with us too: a plastic penguinn, and a robotic deer.

Our current set list from October 2006 on, has been strictly new songs from our upcoming record. They are as follows: Ordinary Friends, Rain Man, Late Baby, Further Behind, I Feel Fine, and One Day.
However, we're not limited to those songs. We have over 90 minutes worth of a back catalog of ALL ORIGINAL songs.

If covers are needed for the gig, we play Beatles, Weezer, Ben Kweller, Tom Petty, Death Cab For Cutie, and just about anything else you can think of.