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"Loud Gospel"

This is the second album for this Canadian band. Metha Mean mixes the basic industrial music with the progressive influences of the 70's & 80's to deliver an astonishing trip to the dark sides of our existence. Gripped by religious fervour and slashing at faith and spirituality as if trying to kill them, Metha Mean bring a new meaning to 'loud gospel'. - Mandai Distro

"Unloved, indeed"

Metha Mean throw the switch on industrial (but not mechanical) dance metal with an art component pointing back to originators like Nitzer Ebb and Einstürzende Neubauten, while giving a handshake to Ministry, a wink to Skinny Puppy (especially on the keys and vocal phrasing of 'Love Is a Lie) and a quick nod to Nine Inch Nails along the way. In a very short time, this Montreal (via Winnipeg) four-piece have graduated from rudimentary aggressiveness to something you could, if such a thing existed, almost call organic industrial, especially on the latter half of the sophomore unloved. More work could go into the vocals in places, but their overall comfort in the studio is evident in the breadth and depth of the recording, a tonal warmth that nicely offsets the chilly themes. The Bangladeshi Imam's sampled call to prayer on the stark, evocative (and currently very appropriate) Quarantine shows a band reaching maturity, testing its strength and, surely, readying itself for bigger things.
(Jamie O'Meara)

- Hour

"Sinister urges: The free Varia 2002 comp assembles a creepy community"

It's a task trying to corner the sensibility behind Varia 2002, the free-to-a-good-home comp of local acts from the folks at Studio Blip. The term "techno rock" goes at least partway - while Varia producers Marc Bertola and Stephane Caron won't deny their goth-industrial roots, they won't get tangled up in them either. "We don't always dress in black," shrugs Bertola. "Sorry."

A more suitable angle is to consider the function of Varia 2002, the first of what they hope will be an annual release. "It's something I've wanted to try for a long time, and that's getting bands to work together. When I was playing the most shows - in '96, '97 - that attitude was always one of comparing oneself to other bands. 'They're terrible, they're contrived.' Everyone would be in their corner, snickering at the other bands. Instead of bitching about each other, this project was about cooperation, working together, encouraging, influencing and in the end, respecting each other."

"That's a key word we've been throwing around," adds Caron, "community." That community is pretty diverse. For starters, you've got Metha Mean and Dogwalker, Caron and Bertola's respective bands. Caron defines Dogwalker thus: "Two guys who bridge the gap between their respective influences, which happen to be early-'70s Genesis and drum machines and synthesizers. The lyrics are amazing and the songwriting is very, very strong." Likewise, Bertola gives Caron's band props (that's a pun, see - Bertola's got a theatre background, hence the Genesis fixation). "What I appreciate about them is the cathartic element. The songs are so powerful - it's that 'rrrrrauggh!' that you always want to say. They say it for you."

On a similar tip are 273 Blocks Over (unpretentious techno-metal from Reverend Soul, once of Nein Creed), operatic goth-tech from Quebec City's Hypnos (Bertola: "They don't wear black either!") and the music of solo act Scrape. "His latest work is very personal - I won't get into details - and really, really harsh," says Bertola. "If you look at the sound file for it on a computer screen, it's one big, solid block, a wall of sonic assault."

Then there's Jett Monette, now backed by his six-piece les Gigolos. "He's the terrorist of love. Ladies, be careful. 'Bridging the gap between Atari Teenage Riot and Michael Jackson' is the way he defines his sound." Caron opts for the simpler 'porn-thrash-electro' tag.

Oompah-punks the Subumlauts are the odd men out here - "Odd is right!" howls Caron-in their lack of synths. And sense. "Despite the humorous, novelty-act aspect," says Bertola, "they're quite sinister. There's a comedy-horror aspect there that falls in perfectly with the goth-sinister-dark element of Varia." But again, the pair remind us that the batcave types aren't the only target (and at a price of exactly nothing, external curiosity won't kill any cats).

"As a whole," says Caron, "the album can reach beyond that clique, grab someone and drag them in - kicking and screaming, maybe, but there's something for everyone. There is a bit of Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy influence to some of it, but that's just the vehicle we chose. Instead of an SUV, we chose a tank with a flamethrower on it." - Montreal Mirror


Open - 2001
Unloved - 2003
Ambients & Derelicts, Vol. 1 - 2003
All of This - 2006; song released only via



Metha Mean is a band based in Toronto, Ontario. It was founded in Montreal by Stef Caron, who set out to express his musical vision while creating an environment where musicians of all stripes could contribute meaningfully. This collective and collaborative approach is the source of Metha Mean's unique sound: people have come and gone (to sometimes come back again), weaving their musical culture into the band's complex tapestry.

Metha Mean has mined the depths of humanity's primordial urges to hammer out a cathartic blend of harsh electronics, powerful rhythms, and layered guitars. The songs deal of love, loss, devotion and defiance, painting a rich sonic landscape.

The band released its first full length album, "Open", in 2001. The album, written by Stef Caron, Raf Maliba (Angry White Mob) and Jamison Cant, was a collection of foot-stomping anthems and down-tempo, brooding walls of sound. It was followed in 2003 with the more nuanced and approachable "Unloved", an exploration of spirituality in which the band experimented with new musical horizons. The arrival of Pierre Desmarais helped introduce elements of world music and jazz to the band's already compelling sound. With Simon Langlois (Alain Caron) on drums, the band delivered a number of blistering performances.

During the composition of "Unloved", Metha Mean also joined forces with Megalomedia Productions and the band Dogwalker to produce the "VARIA 2002" and "VARIA 2003" compilations. These critically-acclaimed releases featured songs from bands in Metha Mean's entourage. The compilations served as a nexus, an identity for a tight-knit musical scene composed of bands that didn't feel quite at home in the traditional "indie-rock" circuit.

After opening for Jackalope in 2005, Stef relocated the band to Toronto, which interrupted the production of the new album as he searched for new band members and collaborators.

Metha Mean now emerges from this hiatus stronger than ever, with its largest complement of musicians to date: Dave Ledo (Freakency) on bass, Vincent Durand (At Hand) on seven-string guitar, Mr! Erik (Wiggler) on six-string guitar, and Marc Bertola (Red Chemistry, Dogwalker, early Metha Mean) on drums. In addition to the new lineup, the band remains committed to its credo of collaboration.

The upcoming album, "Yggdrasil", to be released in the first half of 2008, deals with the subject of environmental violence and exploitation, racism and injustice. It will feature incredible keyboard work by Jay Lemak (Optangle), beats by Paul Jaworski (Pulse Plant), bass tracks by Rafael Maliba, guitar tracks by Nevin Douglas (Debaser) and percussion by the great Roland Gehti.

2008 promises to be a very loud year…