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New York City, New York, United States | MAJOR

New York City, New York, United States | MAJOR
Band Pop Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos




Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

CEO and Artist, M.E., creates her own destiny in the music world as up and coming pop artist.

New York, NY – August 24, 2010 – In a music business where report deals are scarce one woman took it upon herself to create her own opportunity. Together with her diamond-embossed haircut,high-trend wardrobe, and blinding diamond jewelry, the recording artist simply often known as M.E.,is set to alter the best way the trendy music trade is viewed. M.E. created her personal future, in New York City.

M.E. connected with revered A&R and industry veteran Flash Rodriguez CEO of Flash Information (The FEAM Group), a three way partnership with Universal Music Group (UMG), and entered into a partnership-styled file deal with the label. Flash rapidly assembled M.E.'s musical machine, using one of many largest leisure conglomerates in entertainment, UMG. Flash Rodriguez explained, “The bottom-line is this. If we want to compete with the majors, we now have to own as many elements of the majors as potential, while additionally implementing our own unique tools!” “M.E. goes to be a great artist. Her presence is way from that of any freshman artist, that I've worked with, and fans will reply to that. It's important to love what she's doing, as a result of the industry is in major transition.” M.E. has already started recording and is within the strategy of completing material
for her album, entitled “I Love M.E.” Trade producers, and writers, have responded excitedly to the decision for materials, for the brand new artist. Flash Rodriguez hopes to establish a single soon and has plans to movie a music video quickly thereafter.

Flash Records (The FEAM Group LLC) is a music recording firm registered in New York State, whose Chief Executive Officer and Founder is Flash Rodriguez. The FEAM Group LLC is the managing company of Flash Records, FAM Administration, FDI Footage and FEAM Music Publishing (BMI). These corporations exist as unbiased entities below The FEAM Group LLC corporate umbrella. Flash Data (The FEAM Group) signed a three way partnership with Global Icon Media and Universal Music Group (UMG) in 2010, making it a member of the Common Music Group of labels. - For The Love of Chester


Billionaire (I Don't Care) - 2010
Take My Love - 2010



Diamond embossed, self-made and self-confidant, she is truly a fusion of “Sex and the City” meets a female “Richie Rich”. The unequivocal triple-threat, she dances, sings and acts! Armed with the stunning beauty of a supermodel and the attitude to match, she floats across the stage resembling the motion of the ocean’s deep blue velvet blanket. Although this is her debut, you already say her name hundreds of times a day therefore she is already a household name. “Who is this”, you ask. She is the recording artist known simply as, ME.

Since a very young age, ME has been a driven performer and pursued excellence, dancing and singing long being her passion. Over her young career, she has appeared in numerous famed productions, but is now poised to takeover the spotlight. Her passion led her to seeking out her own business venture, within the music industry, even relocating from the Midwest to New York City. She is now poised to change the music industry forever. She is a new breed of artist, unlike all others who allow their dreams to be held at the mercy of others. ME took her dream and created her own Autobahn highway to race to its realization.

ME’s discontent, with the current state of the music industry, prompted her to create her own reality and, in 2010, she decided to put her plan into action. It was either now or never, and she didn’t want “never” to be an option. So, like all great conquerors in history, she began to assemble her army, beginning with her closest ally, Ephren Taylor.

She then joined forces with music industry veteran A&R, Flash Rodriguez and his label, Flash Records (The FEAM Group), a newly signed joint venture with Universal Music Group. Flash Rodriguez quickly aligned his industry relationships and secured the industry’s elite, making ME’s team the same personnel that were instrumental in creating superstardom for artists ranging from Britney Spears, Pink and Avril Lavigne to Usher. The final weapon was added to the arsenal, when Danielle Polanco was secured to create the moves that would introduce ME to the world. Her newly formed A-Team wasted no time, and quickly formed an indestructible machine, rivaling any major record label in the music stratosphere.

The recording of ME’s slick-talking, singles “Runway” and “Paralyzed”, from her forthcoming LP entitled “I Love ME”, has now poised her for a hostile takeover of the industry. ME’s lyrics surmise it all. She is the Boss. She is every man and boy’s desire and every woman and girl’s aspiration.

Undoubtedly many will follow her lead…SHE IS ME!