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"This first album by local Toronto funk/hiphop/soul group Methodology cannot fail to groove. The songs move ceaselessly always with some little twist to mix it all up. The playing is spot on... looking forward to where they are going." - Exclaim! Music Magazine. Canada

"On The Rise"

"Methodology bring Soul, R&B and funk back to the forefront, an objective that can be experienced fully on their debut release. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, Methodology is on the rise." - Movmnt Magazine, New York USA

"Sheer Genius"

"Methodology is the perfect mixture of Soul, Hip Hop, and Funk. Their first album 'What We Have' is sheer genius!" - SOBO Magazine, Houston Texas. USA


'What We Have' LP Featuring the singles: Hallucination, Get Away, Live and Indicisive. However; our audience cannot decide which of the 12 songs on the album they like best.
'The Reprisal' EP is very new, very killer and gathering a monsterous buzz. LOOK OUT!!




With the release of their first album “What We Have” in January of 2006, METHODOLOGY joined the revolution to bring true Soul, R&B, and Funk back to the live stage. With approximately 50 independently produced shows across Canada in 2006, METHODOLOGY has grown into one of the foremost underground Live Soul acts in the country. In 2006 they were nominated for 'Best Live Performance" and "Best R&B Group" at the Toronto Independent Music Awards, and were honoured to be nominated for "Group of the Year" at the Soultracks Awards in the USA (running against the likes of The Brand New Heavies, Amel Larrieux, Omar, and many other signed acts).

Through online distribution, internet and satellite radio, campus radio, and music publications, METHODOLOGY has developed a world-wide following. Sites such as iTunes, Indiepool, Soultracks, Soulchoonz, 4daSoul, and Myspace have exposed METHODOLOGY’s music to an international audience. Mixes of METHODOLOGY’s music are being spun by renowned DJ’s in the U.K, U.S.A., and Europe. With thousands of hours of airplay on radio and in clubs, METHODOLOGY’s music is now widely recognized in countries they have never even been to.

Formed in late 2003, METHODOLOGY are five individual artists that found a blessed connection together, and formed a unit to create and perform some intense, original music. With KAMIL spearheading the group on Vocals, JAMIE laying down the live beats on the Drums, MARTYN churning out thick riffs & rhythms on Guitar, STEFAN's sweet fingers on the Keyboards, and DAN laying down the bass on the heavy tip, METHODOLOGY is a band that focuses on great music with great musicianship. Now with the frequent addition of the vocal talents of JANELLE, Methodolodgy often rocks the live stage with six dynamic members. Their music has been called; ‘a perfect mixture of Soul, Hip Hop, and Funk’. The band has been described as; ‘Imagine Jamiroquai, Stevie Wonder & Prince all rolled into one fantastically melodic groove band’. The music is straight from the soul, steeped in the flavours of Hip-Hop, R&B, Funk and Pop.

Due to growing fan support and the demand for new material, METHODOLOGY is currently in the studio working on their sophomore album. The second album is currently slated for official release in 2008.