Methods of Madness

Methods of Madness

BandHip HopFunk

We our living for music. We would like to see changes in our society and music. We preach and sing songs of the struggle. We want to create a family with our music. It is very diverse, guitars keyboards sad song, happy songs , and the occasional angry song. We love to rhyme.


We are from Minnesota. We all grew up with each other. We have a bond musically and want to teach others our message. Methods of Madness started in 2000, we've used every method and means to us to be able to record our songs from 4 tracks to pro tools, to analog consoles etc. We love music and will continue to make it until we die.


The unborn fetus - 90 min tape (2001)
Vile Concepts - 90 min tape (2001 late)
What We did last summer -60 min tape (2002)
Murder yourself - ep cd (2003)
Slaves and Robots - lp cd (2004 dec)

Set List

We can do up to 20 songs
we usually do about 13 song lasting a little over and hour
2.slave redemption
3.majik juice
4. escape
5. war party
6. houses
7.4 ring medely
8. waddup gangsta?
9. Im just from New Brighton
10. Mary Golds
11. Looking Glass
12. Pretty Girls like pretty boys
13. Shoes