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Holy Hip Hop for grown folks.


Minister Methuselah is one of the most prolific lyricists in the field of Holy Hip Hop. He has recorded on 6 gospel albums since 1998. You can hear Methuselah's anointed flavor on broadcast and online radio stations from New York to Los Angeles. Formerly a reporter with CBS News Los Angeles, Methuselah has a connection with the people like no other Holy Hip Hop artist.


All Day Praze - The Album includes:
Can't Nobody
Momma Thank You
The Way, The Truth, The Life
All Day Praze
Return of the King
Forgive Me, Father

Set List

Methuselah can perform a 20 to 30 minute set, including 5 to 6 songs per set. These are high energy, high praise sets that move the crowd.