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This band has not uploaded any videos




It’s always something special when you hear a new band that have put out their first release with a sound that is confident, fully formed, and something even remotely different from the norm. Metonym are a refreshing pair of youngsters who take a less-travelled approach to the whole folk-pop thing, with acoustic guitars or pianos and soft voices drowning in a sea of noisy drones, hazy synths, glocks, horns, field recordings and whatever else they can get their hands on.

Something of a schizophrenic team, there are two strong personalities on show from each of the two members that battle with one another throught their music. Self described “Ambient Pop”, one member seems to handle the Pop, whilst the other handles the Ambient. Tracks on their debut EP, Fields, tend to feature either aspect more heavily than the other, with some tracks being heavily driven by acoustic guitar and taking on a more standard structure, and others being stuffed with contemporary or post-rock influences, whilst the other element is pushed in to a supporting role.

Although primarily a studio project, Metonym have also made tentative steps towards playing live shows, so keep your eyes out in case they end up on a bill near you. They’ve got something special, and I, for one, am curious to see where it’s all gonna lead.

Head over to their myspace to hear a few tracks. Theres also a link to buy a copy Fields for yourself there and at a mere £3, it's well worth it. -


Debut 5 track EP 'Fields'. with two full tracks available for streaming.

Also on 2 compilation albums, both tracks are free to download via our account.



A sound you can't put your finger on is something we pride our music on. Another is the fact we make pop music without relying on a drum kit! Combining avant-garde minimalism influences into our electronic soundscapes and then folk and more popular acoustic guitar styles helps create the metonym sound. Shoegaze, postrock, minimalism, folk, indie and metal. it's all buried within our music.