Lilburn, Georgia, USA

Metropolis is a rock band comprised of veteran musicians from the Atlanta and Athens Ga, area creating rock music with an emphasis on melody, harmony and a progressive sound.


Members of Metropolis have a long history performing in the Atlanta and Athens Ga. music scene drawn together to create an interesting progressive rock sound. Members have played many classic venues such as The Roxy, Star Bar, Smiths Old Bar, Agora, International Ballroom, Forty Watt Club, 688 and many more... Metropolis is unique in that all members share a common vision to create music that captures the listener with strong melodies and powerful arrangements. Influences include Kansas, Rush, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Yes, King Crimson and The Who to name a few...

Set List

Another Story Told
Have We Gone Too Far
Distant Shores
Ordinary People
Mount Rushmore
Man Of Mystery
Protect This Sacred State
Walk Away
The Avenger