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"Emergenza International Final Day 1"

Chicago this year had the finest representatives we’ve seen in the past few years. Attitude, melodies and more attitude... and did I mention attitude? Beautiful arrangements (the best so far) mixed in with a pinch of what it takes to be fantastic. Speechless. A young band that will go far."

Mike Rophone AKA Walter Combi - North American P.R. Director of Emergenza International Music Festival

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"Interview With Metrovox - On the Road to the Taubertal Grand Final: USA Finalists"

"Dynamic, unpredictable, enigmatic, distinguished, memorable, and most importantly: god like”. According to the members of the band, this is the essence of Metrovox’s sound. The Chicagoan 4-piece won the national final last week at the Metro. They are going to hit the Taubertal stage next August, in Germany. One of the three USA winner band – at the 5th of August they’ll be 17, keep posted here – answered to some questions. Let’s take a look to my interesting conversation with Metrovox.

How did you get to play together? Tell me about the birth of Metrovox.

"We all took the same ballet class, except for Sam (the bassist). We met him at a Smash Bros. Tournament. Honestly, the story of the band is long, and for the most part, uninteresting. Our music, however, is anything but".

How would you describe the music of Metrovox – which is your feature in the rock universe?

"Metrovox, like most bands, is a product of many influences. However, our influences are all very disparate, which really gives us a unique sound. I feel that trying to fit our band into any single genre would be a misleading representation of what we sound like. A few words that I would use to describe Metrovox are: dynamic, unpredictable, enigmatic, distinguished, memorable, and most importantly: god like".

How and why you decided to take part in Emergenza International Festival?

"We decided to take part in Emergenza because we really wanted to play some shows. It's fairly hard to get shows if you're underage here in Chicago, and Emergenza gave us an opportunity to play our music to new people".

Did you expect to win the national final? And when did you realize it was getting possible?

"Hell yea!... you kidding? We had our bags packed 6 months ago for this Germany trip.
Actually we didn't even think we'd make the second round, much less win the national finals. It's not because of our music, which we are very confident in. The first few shows were all 21+ gigs, and for a band our age, it was hard getting adults to go and support us with the voting. We had to settle for second and third place the first few rounds of the competition. It was only once we made the wildcard round at the Metro (an 18 and over venue), that we felt we had a chance to win the national final. That night, we were able to get a large enough crowd to advance, and were able to impress the judges the following night".

What the Emergenza experience means for you, and do you think Emergenza changed something in your local music scene?

"Hopefully the Emergenza experience will lead to more than just this contest for us. Maybe then we will be able to make a mark in our local music scene. In the meantime, the Emergenza competition has provided a very fun and rewarding experience to us, and we're delighted that it hasn't ended just yet".

Just a place, a month and a number: Taubertal Open-Air festival, next August, 30,000 people. How do you feel about the Grand Final?

"The whole thing still hasn't really hit us fully. It still feels like it isn't really happening, like it's too good to be true. At the same time, were all very anxious to look out into a 30,000 person crowd, and be able to share our music with all of these people. I'm sure all the other winning bands feel the same way".

Are you going to prepare something special for your Rothenburg performance?

"Every show we play, we try to make better than the last one. However, this is no ordinary show, and we're going to have to play an extraordinary set in order to get everyone’s attention. We're going to do everything we can to make our show very memorable and special for everyone".

Any special comment/thank you about the Festival?

"We'd like to thank Taylor, the guy in charge of the whole Emergenza thing here in Chicago, just for being a cool guy."

Simone Cosimi - 16 Jul 2007

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- Emergenza International Music Festival


Metrovox (EP) 2008

...Who Shot Logic? (LP) 2005



In the beginning, they hated each other.

It was the summer of 2004 in Chicago. Adam, Daniel, and Jorge could not seem to find common ground. Daniel's ear-piercing, destructive guitar playing clashed with Adam's rhythmic smoothness, while Jorge's reckless pounding and sassy criticism drove them all to the brink.

But the three persevered, and soon, from the cacophonous din emerged a diamond in the rough, a well-crafted sound that was both tragic and beautiful. So potent was this musical concoction that it turned the existing polarity into a bond that cemented the relationship, formed the basis of Metrovox, and united the founding members both as friends and as musicians. The missing puzzle piece was soon put into place in the person of Sam Wolf, a local funny man, whose eccentric/melodic bass playing rounded out the sound and made the team complete.

At the mere ages of 17 and 18 years old Metrovox recorded and released the underground LP "…Who Shot Logic?”. The album, rich with both dark undertones and witty candor, captured the angst and truth of four young musicians wise beyond their years.

In 2007 Metrovox won the National championship of the Emergenza Music Festival. The victory took them across the ocean to Germany for the Taubertal Open Air Festival and to Austin, TX for the Red Gorilla Festival in the heart of South by Southwest. With a newborn confidence and an energized sound Metrovox started work for their first commercially released album.

In 2008, frustrated by a failed record deal and back at square one, they enlisted the help of local manager and producer Taylor Podgorny. It was apparent that the band whose name literally means “City Voice” was struggling to have their own voice heard. Podgorny brought in co-producer Vince Cassamatta and the two began plans for what would become the perfect album at the perfect time. To capture the raw feel of drummer Jorge Perez, drums were recorded on a Monday afternoon through the P.A. of a deserted Double Door. The rest of the band was recorded at Southside Recording on the south edge of the Chicago loop. The end result is a spot on representation and perfect introduction of Metrovox to the masses.

Give me the hook or even an intro. Metrovox fills a void in need of filling with their self-titled EP. Just try to resist the oohs, the ahhs and the occasional feedback solo. With their first Myspace single "Iceland" the band attacks you with chaotic circus guitars and an unforgettable melody by lead singer Adam Gil. One of the many things that stand out about Metrovox is their impeccable arrangements. Each song takes you on a journey, albeit only about 3 minutes each; the EP is filled with hidden gems that make each listen even more enjoyable. Metrovox is poised to make a ripple in the rock and roll scene and become a “City Voice” that stands out above the crowds in Chicago and beyond.