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First CD: "metta-mor-phi-ohm" to be released on November 1, 2009





Genre: Melodic Indie Rock/Groove/Jam
Origin: Michigan, USA
Official Band Website:
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Facebook: METTA

Personnel: Victor Sisung, (lead vocals, guitar), Ron Thieleman, (basses), Nolan Potter, (guitar, vocals), Gannon Alexander, (guitar, vocals, synthesizer, mandolin), Frank Sisung,(drums).

The philosophy of metta is simple: follow your passion, be true to yourself, your art, your words, and do what you love. When five musicians came together in late July of 2008 they learned quickly that this simple philosophy could be achieved through following their shared passion of making music together. Thus, METTA was formed; the name derived from a single mantra serving as an all encompassing symbol of what the band is truly about: the practice of universal love.
METTA serves as a vessel for musical creativity, self expression, and is a conduit for achieving a heightened level of communication between it's members and it's listeners. The belief in music's inherent ability to heal, move, and positively change people's lives has been the inspiration for METTA's unyielding passion for creating music.
The musicians that comprise METTA are as diverse as their musical inspirations, which culminates in a unique sound and style that blends the over ninety years of combined experience of long time pros: Frank Sisung, Lance Larsen, and Gannon Alexander, with the youthful energy of Victor Sisung. One can hear underlying elements of rock, acoustic, funk, jam and experimental, all with a highly energetic groove, bound by no specific genre.
METTA's debut album, �metta-mor-phi-ohm,� represents the band's first step in their musical journey. The album is the product of a year's worth of dedication, creativity, and devotion. �metta-mor-phi-ohm� illustrates the ups and downs of the human condition while portraying an overall message of love, community, peace, and social awareness. It covers a variety of musical styles held together by a uniquely cohesive and thematic signature sound. Moreover, �metta-mor-phi-ohm� represents the growth from a conceptual dream to a reality through the power of community and artistic collaboration.
Metta, loosely translated, means the practice of universal love. The band's overall goal is to lay a sonic foundation for the contagious nature of love to grow, spread, and heal through the power of music.