METZ is an unstoppable force comprised of three parts: Hayden Menzies (Drums/Lights), Chris Slorach (Bass/ Voice), and Alex Edkins (Guitar/ Noise/ Voice). Combining heavy grooves with angular guitar bursts, electronic noise, and dissonant vocals, the faint of heart need not apply. Boasting ex-members of post-rock stalwarts Three Penny Opera (Troubleman Unlimited, SpectraSonicSound), The Transit (SpectraSonicSound ) and The Grey (Lovitt Records) and having toured The United States (Engine Down, Four Hundred Years), Canada, and Europe extensively; METZ will stop at nothing in their undying quest of exploding basements across the globe. While touring Europe in 2006 with the Grey, the boys began writing new material that would eclipse their past musical projects. While still drawing inspiration from bands such as The Jesus Lizard, Hoover, Shellac, and Drive Like Jehu, METZ began to develop their own sonic aesthetic and began garnering accolades at home and abroad. Upon their return to Ottawa, Ontario, METZ entered the studio with Jason “Albini” Rasia at Transient Audio to begin work on their forthcoming debut release. The sessions yielded six raw and energetic tracks recorded live off the floor with the intention of capturing the intensity of their live show. In a matter of only a few short months METZ has won over local crowds with their undeniable penchant for bombastic live performances, fiery stage personas, and unprecedented good looks and have already initiated plans to tour Canada, Europe, and Japan.

Set List

6 songs. 30- 40 minutes max.