Meu Amigo Tigre

Meu Amigo Tigre

 Brasília, Federal District, BRA

We are an indie band from Brasilia, Brazil. We have been around since 2006 and have two albums out (Boris Casoy em HD and Mapas Muito Antigos).

We use layered guitars in our sound, and some songs have vocals in them and some are instrumental only.


Flavio and Eduardo were Music majors in the University of Brasilia when they decided to start a band. Eduardo, who composes the songs, also writes soundtracks to films and ads.

Vinicius, the drummer, writes the lyrics. He is also an accomplished author, and his second novel is about to be published in Brazil.

Eduardo sings in Portuguese, but the type of sound of the band is familiar to the North American and European public. Some of the band influences are Andrew Bird, Modest Mouse and Explosions in the Sky.


Boris Casoy em HD - 2010
Mapas Muito Antigos - 2012