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Andrew Fedyk and Joe Depace of Canadian duo Loud Luxury have a tale similar to many aspiring producers -- moving to Los Angeles after college to pursue their musical dreams -- but their story now includes a certified hit that is quickly climbing the ranks. "Body," out on Armada Music, is a house groover that's the group's first-ever track to make an appearance on the Billboard charts and first broke onto Hot Dance/Electronic Songs in December 2017 at No. 49.

While Fedyk and Depace told Billboard they were unsure how the record would react, they took great pride in knowing the song was true to them and what they represented. "It took an insane amount of time to get every detail of the track right," they said, "but in that moment, we knew we had something special. We were always unsure of how far it would go but that never really mattered because we had something that we were excited about and it felt like 'us.'"

Neither the record nor the group's success happened overnight. "Money was tight and we lived in a one-bedroom apartment which happened to be Charles Manson's old place in the '60s, basically eating oatmeal every day," they said. "Our main hustle was going on SoundCloud all day and messaging artists we were excited about to try and write music together."

They continue, "One of the artists we reached out to invited us to their showcase which just happened to be down the street from where we live in Hollywood so one night we went and checked it out. When we got there, we had the chance to check out the opening band that brando was a part of. We were so blown away by his voice and performance that we totally forgot to say hi to the artist we actually intended to go see. It was one of those moments where you heard someone's music and it just felt super right. There was this nagging feeling that we had to do something together."

After a flurry of back-and-forth emails with brando and his manager, Fedyk and Depace were finally able to sit down with the singer. "He showed us this track that he had called "Body On My" that was a hip-hop demo. It was much slower and we all agreed it was a bit silly because it was in this DJ Mustard, strip-club anthem vibe. However, we were always excited about his vocals on it so we took it home and basically flipped the whole idea on its head. As soon as we sped it up a bit and put more emotional chords under the track, it felt amazing."

"Body" is currently nearing 30 million Spotify streams and sits at No. 20 on Hot Dance/Electronic Songs, as well as No. 12 on Dance/Mix Show Airplay. "Right from the get-go, we had huge expectations for this track and for Loud Luxury as a whole," says Maykel Piron, Armada Music's co-founder and CEO. "We made sure our partners started working on the song from the release date onward. After a month or so, we saw a near-exponential increase in traction, so we decided to go hard on the promotion and marketing side of it all, determined to make 'Body' and Loud Luxury our biggest success of the year."

George Hess, who heads the label's radio promotion in the U.S., adds, “When I initially heard this, I knew it was special, and different." He continues, "The team was very aware of the potential and the setup was thorough and clean. Dance radio and Spotify electronic in the U.S. responded and at that point, airplay and playlists began to roll in. As the research began to develop, we could see that No. 1 airplay was achievable."

Speaking further on the record's streaming campaign, Armada's VP of Digital Distribution Ralf van de Ven says, "Our digital team serviced the track upfront to key curator taste-makers at DSPs. Apple Music was the first to recognize the potential of this super track straight away and showed lots of love and support in main dance and, later, pop playlists across its service. On Spotify, the track grew to a top five spot in dance's flagship playlist ‘mint’, where Austin Kramer positioned it after various metrics (such as saves and skips) showed a very strong performance with listeners."

Loud Luxury were featured in Billboard Dance's monthly Ones to Watch discover series in March, which mentions the group's string of sold-out headline performances as well. Based on the numbers alone, it looks like the duo will be stripping their "up-and-comer" tag very shortly. Hess also notes that, based on extensive research and support from streaming platforms, Armada will be rolling out the upbeat club record to U.S. pop radio in April. Listen to "Body" below for the full experience: - Billboard

January 14, 2019

After a year full of huge highlights, great achievements and numerous accolades, Loud Luxury are continuing their streak of success in the year of 2019. Earlier this week, the Canadian duo’s global smash hit, ‘Body’, entered Billboard’s Hot 100 chart on #87, showing the entire world that the reign of ‘Body’ has only just begun. - Billboard

In October 2017, Canadian duo Loud Luxury released "Body" on Armada Music. It's two minutes and 43 seconds of tropical, feel-good dance-pop featuring American singer Brando, whose desperate plea to get out of the friend zone turned into one of the hottest summer sing-alongs of 2018. To date, "Body" has more than 393 million streams on Spotify, and the music video has more than 99 million plays on YouTube. It's an earworm that earned Loud Luxury spots at HARD Summer, Lollapalooza and Hangout Music Festival, as well as the recognition as "on the bubble" on Billboard Dance's list of breakout artists for the year.

Now, "Body" and Loud Luxury get perhaps the most exciting recognition of all: four Juno Award nominations, including Juno fan choice award, single of the year, breakthrough group of the year and dance recording of the year.

"Our mothers are big Loud Luxury fans," the duo's Andrew Fedyk tells Billboard Dance. "They were glued to the TV for the nomination announcements. The second the nominations came out, we got a barrage of calls and texts from them."

Fedyk met his partner Joe Depace in grade school in their hometown of London, Ontario. Coincidentally, London will play host to the Juno Awards on March 17. Depace says the chance to attend the Junos and represent for his hometown on local turf is nothing short of "a blessing."

"We're excited and very humbled," Depace says. "We grew up watching the Junos on TV thinking it would be so cool to be up there. Now, we get the chance to do that in a city where it all started."

To be nominated alongside the likes of The Weeknd, whom they've followed since the House of Baloons days, to newer acts they admire including Shawn Mendes and Alessia Cara, is an honor they don't take lightly. To make things even more magical, Loud Luxury was the first act confirmed to perform on the Juno Awards stage. No doubt the guys will do their best not to get too misty-eyed on television, but the smiles should be plastered all over their faces.

"We have been working hard to help people understand that dance music isn't just some fad that is here today and gone tomorrow," Fedyk says. "This is really important for dance music."

Fan can tune in to support the local friends and see them perform "Body" in front of their peers and heroes live at the Juno Awards on March 17. It airs on Canada's CBC network on TV, radio and online. Learn more at, and watch the music video for "Body" featuring brando below. - Billboard

If you have ventured anywhere near a club (or even turned on the radio) in the last six months, chances are you have already heard “Body.” An explosion of house beats with hip-hop phrasing and Drake references, Loud Luxury’s debut single cracked the top 10 in their native Canada, Australia and the UK. While their music is ubiquitous, less is known about the producers from London, Ontario. Comprised of Andrew Fedyk and Joe Depace, the duo is on a mission to bring the fun back to dance music while breaking as many rules as possible.

I recently caught up with the hitmakers in their adopted-hometown of Los Angeles and they opened up about their humble start in the City of Angels. Andrew and Joe also revealed how they met Brando, the featured vocalist on “Body,” and explained how they came up with their name. Other topics of conversation included their next single (it’s coming soon) and the possibility of singing on one of their own tracks (it’s unlikely). Get to know the rising stars a little better in our Q&A below.

“Body” just won’t die. Your song just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Andrew: It’s been surprising us every day, honestly. We were waiting for it to dip so we could be like, “Okay! It’s done, it’s over.”

Joe: Yeah, we had releases lined up and then it just kept growing and growing. We are trying to make the most of it.

Did you realize you were on to something big when you recorded it?

Joe: Honestly, yes and no. There are certain things I look for when we’re working on music. If I hear something and immediately think, “Okay, this is something we can work with”… then that’s kind of how it starts for me. I knew there was something there, but there were expectations. I was just like, “This is a dope track.”

Andrew: It felt more like a passion project for us where it was like, “I love this song, I’m very proud of it, but my expectations are super low.” Just because we were an unknown act at the time. It’s impossible to think, “Oh yeah, this song has a chance of going on radio.” It’s unheard of.

How did the song come together?

Joe: Here’s what happened. We had moved to Los Angeles from Toronto. Straight out of school, no money. I literally got a call and our manager was just like, “Okay you need to get the hell out of London, why are you still there?” So, we moved to LA. We had to get our visas, because we were playing shows and my visa came in late. I remember getting a call at nine pm saying, “You’re clear. You’re good to go.” And I had all of my bags packed and just drove to the airport.

Andrew: We were in LA, literally sharing a one bedroom apartment, cause we couldn’t afford anything else. We were sleeping in the same bed, it was not glamorous!

Joe: He’s not wrong.

Andrew: And eating oatmeal for every meal. At the time, our hustle was hitting up songwriters in the area and trying to work on tracks together. One artist manager got back to us and invited us to a showcase that just happened to be down the street from where we lived. So we went over and Brando, who we did “Body” with, was there and we were just blown away by his performance. It just felt like there was a great vibe there and we could do something special together.

So we approached him and totally forgot to say hi to the artist that we were actually there to see. We were just relentless about working together. That’s how “Body” came together. It just goes to show, you never know. You never know what can happen.

Who came up with all the Drake references in the song?

Andrew: That was actually Brando. Which is funny because he had never been to Toronto and then we brought him there. We were like, “Okay, it’s time, time to see what all the hype is about.” We asked him how he came up with the idea to do the Toronto references and he was like, “Oh man, you know, it just fit.”

Why do you think the song is connecting with so many people?

Joe: I have no idea. I wish I could tell you. People have been saying that there’s something refreshing about it, but honestly, for me, it makes me feel good when I listen to it. When I first heard the initial parts, I was like, “I like this, it makes me happy, it makes me feel good.” That’s what resonated with me and why I think it also resonates with other people. It’s a pretty uplifting song.

Andrew: My best guess would be that it has a very blend of genres. It’s like a house song, but the way that Brando sings is super timeless and kind of hip-hop. It has also got a country twang. At a time when Post Malone is one of the biggest artists in the world, it just makes sense that people are looking for something that blends everything that they like together.

I also think it’s because “Body” goes hard. We’ve gone through a phase of down-tempo EDM and this feels like a breath of fresh air.

Joe: Yeah, even before this song we fell out of love with writing sad, emotional stuff. There’s always this fine line between too cheesy and too sad. That’s what we always look for, that sweet spot.

Andrew: Exactly. That’s what we love about hip-hop. The confidence. It’s something that we tried to bring into dance. When you listen to hip-hop songs, it’s full of material references and bragging and I’m like, “Damn. I want this confidence! I want to be able to channel that energy into our music.

Something tells me there’s a lot of life left in “Body.” How long before you drop a remix with a rapper? That’s usually the next step.

Joe: Ahhh, something might be coming soon. [Laughs]. You’re very perceptive.

Do you worry about being able to match the success of “Body” with your next single?

Joe: Not really, kind of. There is that whole aspect to it, but I don’t want to let that rule the way that I work and make music. I don’t want to be in the studio and think, “I have to make a hit right now, if I don’t make a hit then we’re screwed.” I don’t want to prescribe to that mentality.

Andrew: It will just come. I think we both really believe in our instincts strongly enough that as long as we keep making music we love, another song will hit again in the same way.

I have to ask. How did you come up with the name Loud Luxury?

Andrew: It’s a funny story. When I was growing up in Toronto, I worked with YouTube rappers. I was still in high school. Their music was really bad, but they had very catchy names for everything. They made a song with me called “Loud Luxury” and I just remember thinking, “This is a terrible song, but this name’s cool.” I just sort of bookmarked it.

Joe: When we realized that we were going to be an actual group and play shows, I was like, “Alright, come over. We’re going to have some beers and get all the socials together and come up with a name. We made a list of names and “Loud Luxury” was the winner.

Andrew: It was kind of a no-brainer. In hindsight, I think maybe subconsciously, it describes who we are really well. We’re all about contrast and being that person in the middle of a crazy party that’s just chill and hanging out. It has come to describe us well.

You have released a couple of songs since “Body.” Would you classify them as buzz tracks?

Joe: We’re in a weird position because “Body” did so well that our team were like, “We should wait because we don’t wanna put out other songs that take away from “Body.” However, it got to the point where we had to put out something for our fans in Canada and other places that supported us from the beginning to let them know that we’re still with them. We have a lot of stuff that we’re sitting on, single-wise. We’re just trying to figure out when is the right time to release it.

Will your next single have a feature?

Joe: Yes, that’s the plan.

Andrew: We’re actually working on some really exciting stuff right now, with some bigger names. It’s just all about getting it locked in. We don’t want to jinx it, but once that stuff gets locked in, we will have a better idea of what’s next.

Good luck! Will you ever sing on your own songs like Calvin Harris and The Chainsmokers?

Joe: Not right now, maybe later down the line. We would definitely need vocal lessons.

Andrew: It’s all about having the best music, you know what I mean. We’re not really going to sing on our songs as a marketing tool. We’re not going to do that just to create some sort of dimension to our live shows.

Is there an EP or album coming?

Joe: It’s not something that we’re really focused on right now. We just want to make songs that we feel special about, but that’s definitely something down the line that we’re going to explore. We definitely want to release an album at some point.

Andrew: We’re just really hungry to establish ourselves first. Once we have a firm footing and people know what we’re about, that’s when we can start exploring an album a bit more.

Thanks for your time.

Andrew: Thank you.

Joe: Thanks! - Idolator

"Body" is a song by Canadian duo Loud Luxury featuring American singer Brando, released as a single on October 27, 2017, through Armada Music and All Around the World Productions. It was called the duo's "breakthrough hit"[2] and reached the top five in Canada, Denmark and the UK, as well as the top 10 in Australia, Austria, Germany and New Zealand.

At the Juno Awards of 2019, the song won the Juno Award for Dance Recording of the Year, and was a shortlisted nominee for Single of the Year.[3]

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While attending a different act's showcase in Hollywood, Loud Luxury noticed Brando, who was part of the opening band.[4] They emailed Brando and his manager, and eventually were presented with a hip hop demo Brando had been working on called "Body On My", which they called "silly" with a "DJ Mustard, strip-club anthem vibe". They still enjoyed Brando's vocals, so reworked the track, speeding it up and layering "emotional chords" underneath the vocal track.[4] - Wikipedia

Brando is still high off achieving a global multi-platinum hit “Body” with the help of Toronto DJ duo Loud Luxury. The Los Angeles native Brando is going back to his roots in hip hop with his first solo release, “drop top”. The track, produced by longtime collaborator Vinny, combines a smooth riding trap beat with his mystic vocals and melodies. It seems like Brando might have another banger under his belt.

Collaborating with Canadian director Chris Evans and Miami model Chelcie May, the music video for the artist’s first solo project fully captures the 3 dimensional aesthetic of the song, giving the beautifully classic look of grainy shots from a Super 8 camera with a vibrant, neon coated night driving around Los Angeles. - Hip Hop DX


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Brando emanates an enviable unique, confident and grabbing artistic styling that lures new fans with ease. Imagine a divine amalgamation of pop, R&B, emo, pop punk, folk pop and hip hop that does not fit into one category.

Brando’s 2017 breakthrough hit “Body” is a collaboration with the Canadian production and DJ duo Loud Luxury that won the 2019 Juno Award for Dance Recording of the Year, charted in 15 countires and racked up more than 120 million YouTube views, 500 million streams on Spotify alone, a remix by Pitbull and Nicky Jam and resulted in performances at top tier festivals like HARD Summer, Lollapalooza, Veld Music Festival, and more.

Originally written and produced by Brando and producer Cassio as a DJ Mustard-styled hip hop track intended to be submitted to the multi platinum, award-winning beatmaker, the song sat on their computer for two years. In 2016, they performed it at Hollywood bar Pour Vous and caught the attention of Loud Luxury, who were in the club to see the headliner.

Loud Luxury loved the song and asked to work together. “Their whole premise was that they wanted to mix dance with hip hop,” Brando says. After letting them hear the original track, the duo asked to produce another version. Brando gave them his acappella. “They had been doing a style of hip hop conducive to a dance record. It was very easy for them to blend it into a dance record,” he adds. A month-in-a-half later, Loud Luxury let him hear their mix. It would take another year before the group would release the song on Armada Music, the Dutch electronic music indie label that has worked with many of the genre’s biggest names including Afrojack and Avicii.

Music was always big in Brando’s home. His father Marlon McClain, a member of Please, the 1970’s acclaimed Portland hitmaking soul and funk band, has worked with everyone from Maurice White to George Clinton to Kenny G. Brando grew up attending all of the funk jam festivals with his father and developed his own musical repertoire that included dancing along to Usher, Backstreeet Boys and Chris Brown as a child. By the sixth grade, he was learning to write songs and play guitar and listening to 30 Seconds to Mars and My Chemical Romance and eventually Boys Like Girls and Kanye West during the Myspace era.

With the success of “Body,” Brando continues to work with Loud Luxury and receives opportunities to make music with other big DJs. He is also still crafting his unique brand of R&B, hip hop and pop music. “I consider myself a Top 40 type of artist and writer,” he says. “I want to make the kind of music you’d hear on Top 40.”

On “Drop Top,” the singer-songwriter raised in Los Angeles effortlessly taps into his many musical influences. Usher and *NSYNC energies surface in his fun, choppy, snappy lyrics, “Melrose, Waitrose, girl pick / Got a black car matching my new fit.” His folky, nasal tone glides over the airy, percolating chimes and warm groove produced by longtime collaborator Vinny. “The lyrics and beat gives me such a good vibe,” one YouTube commenter says about the song. Damn good feedback for his solo debut.

“I wrote the song about a summer fling I had last year,” Brando explains. “I love driving around really late, 2 or 3 in the morning on the 5 freeway. This song references that. You’re with your significant other. This is kinda what you think about at that time. I wrote it as a track I could drive to.”

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