Me vs. You

Me vs. You


Me vs. You play no nonsense melodic punk and rock with strong hardcore and old school metal influences. The live show is a photographer's worst nightmare. Oh yeh, and they always wear green...


It ain’t easy being green. It takes great strength, courage, and commitment to your cause. It takes hours of practice and years of experience. Patience and persistence must be balanced equally, and you must never question what it is to be green. Respect, sincerity, and love are of the utmost importance. It’s more than a lifestyle; it’s your whole life.

Me vs. You is a collective of five Sydney musicians who live and breathe the green scene every day of their lives. Formed in late 2005, the band quickly set about writing and recording their first EP ‘A Novice with a Nailbomb’. The EP was launched in May of 2006, and since then the boys of Me vs. You have been painting the town green with their special brand of melodic modern punk and heavy rock.

It is the live arena in which Me vs. You do their best work. Since their debut performance to a full room at the Metro Transit Lounge in Sydney, the boys have consistently taken hold of their audience and refused to let go until the very last chord. The show is passionate, aggressive, fast paced, and irrefutably loud. Crowd participation is a must, with sing-a-longs and hand claps keeping the vibe positive and enjoyable. You’ll rarely see a member standing still, and the band continues to develop their reputation as a live photographer’s worst nightmare.

Me vs. You continue to enjoy support from a large and expanding fan base, as well as community radio stations and local street press. In 2007 Me vs. You will spread the word of the green scene beyond their home state borders, as they bring their live act to other capital cities for the first time. It ain’t easy being green, but it’s a whole lotta fun!


'A Novice with a Nailbomb' EP 2006
'Stop Walking, Start Stabbing' Demo 2007 Available for online stream only
Pre-production for a new EP will be commencing later this year

Set List

Sets are generally between 30 minutes to 1 hour long, and will contain a selection of the following originals:

Like a Tiger
I Was a Teenage Nu-metal Fan
Professor, This Creature is an Abomination
Living in a Van Down by the River
All the Way with Stephanie K
Stop Walking, Start Stabbing,
Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
Michaelangelo is a Party Dude
The Rise & Fall of Rick Moranis (Part II)
Wow, This Place Has Everything
I'm in the Wrong Video
I'd be Me if I Were You
Why 2 Step When You Can Do the Twist?