Ume√•, V√§sterbotten, SWE

A Progressive Stoner rock band who isn't afraid to mix genres, may it be Doom/Psychadelic/Grunge/Alternative.
We are a band who is best served Live on Stage to capture the dynamics that will leave you hungry for more!


Since the beginning in 2006, Mexicoma has grown from being a clean-cut stonerband to expressing a much more ambient and heavier sound.
Just as a good whiskey, Mexicoma has needed the time to age and evolve to get the right taste. The earlier flirt with the 70's and more peeled off sound, has developed into a heavier and saturnine presence, without for that sake discarding their riff-based foundations.
The of sound today is easiest described as heavy-hearted and transformative, but at the same time still captivating and progressive.


EP - Mexicoma - Mexicoma