me, you, and everyone we know

me, you, and everyone we know


It's happiness and it's depression. It's gratitude and it's regret. It's peaceful and it's angry. It's subtle and it's aggressive. It's fascinating and it's dull. It's serene and it's gruesome. It's you. It's me.


I do this all for her...
My absolutely incredible and breathtaking girlfriend.
We've been through so much.
We're going to go through even more.
And I can't wait to go through it all with you.
I love you.


life as we know it...

Written By: Clayton Harris (Me you and everyone we know)

We wait here, patiently for the night to come and change the colors of our leaves,
And will we be absolutely ready, for the sky to open up and share, it's light for you and me,
So just go to sleep in your best pair of pants and iron out the wrinkles in your life so you've never looked better,
And you'll wake up dressed, to impress all the new people you are soon to meet, but just promise me that you'll never,

Well even if this happiness lasts for only one day, it's way more than I'll ever know,
And what I know now, I wish I knew then, so I would have been better prepared to go out on my own,
Cause it feels like every time I cross a road I begin to disappear, from here, but it seems I'm almost there,
But soon I'll realize that there is really no place left for me to go, so when I get there I promise you that I...will leave,

Now that we have found our voice,
Maybe it's time that we moved on,
So let's fill up our hearts with hope,
As we sing along until we're gone...

Dear God, where are you, if you're so big then why, are you so hard to find,
And I have so many things I'd love to, ask you but I know you're busy up there, but I swear you I won't take too much time,
And it's not as important as I make it seem but it sure would mean a lot to me, if you just answered this,
I just need to know, when I'm swallowed whole will, you be there to make sure that they're safe, cause believe me I never thought I'd be the leave.


I have six songs recorded, but every single one of them, except for the song in my music media section (You are so unicorn), is larger than 5 MB because they are so long. On average, about 6 minutes. :]

I'll try cutting some down so you can at least preview them. :] :]

Set List

Play everything I can in the small amount of time I am given. So usually only like three songs...if I'm lucky :]