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The best kept secret in music


"Splintered Skies CD Review"

Meyvn exhibit technical skill along with a real passion for musical quality on their second self released CD. Splintered Skies begins with a foundation in progressive prowess, and then reveals a refreshing metal edge that will keep you begging for more. Instant classics are “Disturbed” and “Power of Fear.” An impressive vocal range, blinding speed and precision on guitar and an amazing rhythm section make Meyvn a top-ranking contender destined to be heard worldwide. - Explicitly Intense

"Splintered Skies CD Review"

Progressive power metal akin to Dream Theater and Symphony X, Meyvn is led by frontman Rick Clark who really gets into character when he sings, delivering a powerful performance. The band behind him is incredibly tight-knit. Each of the players is a master of his instrument. Fingers run across strings, up and down fret boards and atop keys with the greatest of ease and stunning results. The musical landscape traversed is wide and varied, telling numerous tales of journeys, nightmares and modern crusaders. - Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles Magazine

"Splintered Skies CD Review"

Austin's Meyvn make very cool nü-thrash paradiddle power-prog metal and remind me yet again that Dream Theater have to be one of the biggest influences on modern metal that I have no desire to listen to. Them and Tool. Hey, Ella Fitzgerald was a huge influence on jazz artists and I never want to listen to her either. Screw Ella. Give me Nancy Wilson or Sarah Vaughan any day over Ella. Hell, give me Anita O'Day, June Christy, or Keely Smith! And screw Ray Charles too. Is there anything on earth more boring than listening to a Ray Charles album? Oh yeah, there is. The excruciating displeasure of listening to a Nina Simone album. It's like listening to a bullfrog in a coma. With head trauma! And bronchitis!

Wait, where was I? Right, Meyvn. They rock! Crazy, hi-tech, YouTube-ready guitar solos—dizzying friggin' solos—insanely catchy choruses, and enough good ideas and fresh takes on progressive metal to fill three albums. Which might be my only caveat. They do go on so. Save something for the follow-up, boys. I chalk it up to youthful masturbatory exuberance. These kids have pep. Such energy and such squeaky clean reverence for and adherence to all things metal gives me hope for the future. And they write actual honest-to-god songs. And they have a singer who can really sing! These elements are hardly a given in the pyrotech-metal underworld. Seriously good stuff. Ella still blows, though. —Scott Seward - Decibel Magazine

"Live Review"

This hard hitting progressive rock outfit from Austin TX, showed their full range of musical muscle. Their 45-minute set explored the most demanding aspects of the genre. Wildly complex rhythms, radical time changes, and demandingly melodic vocal melodies colored their performance. Rick Clark (vocals, keyboards) has amazing range and presence that's a study in control and complete abandon, darting across the stage with boundless energy. Brad Olson (drums) and Ken Liao (bass) are the epitome of a truly great rhythm section, maintaining each song structure with power and ease, while Drew Creel (guitar) would alternate between coloring each song and joining his bandmates in delivering crushing riffs. Set highlights included "One Shot" and "Last Rites". Don't miss this troop the next time they hit the Metroplex. - Harder Beat Magazine


Splintered Skies - Full Album, released 2006 under KillZone Records. Tracks have been played on many radio stations including 101.1FM, 93.7FM and 99.1FM in Texas and others across the country. Tracks have also received extensive airplay in Europe and on internet radio stations.

Last Rites - Demo/EP, released 2004 independently.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Meyvn is a progressive metal band from Austin, Texas. The band features the dual shredding guitar of Drew Creel and Jon Simpson, the soaring Maiden-esque vocals of Richard Clark, the fat bass lines of Ken Liao, and the blistering drumming of Reuben Posey. Meyvn is signed to KillZone Records and recently released the album "Splintered Skies" to world-wide acclaim. The band will touring Europe in late 2007 and appearing at the ProgPower Europe festival in the Netherlands in October.