Mezzanine Owls

Mezzanine Owls



Mezzanine Owls is a band from Los Angeles. Comprised of Jack Burnside, Dan Horne, Pauline Mu and Jonathan Zeitlin, the band spent the better half
of 2005 writing, arranging, re-writing, scrapping and reviving a handful of songs that would eventually make up their debut record.

"Slingshot Echoes" was eventually recorded during the spring of 2006 by Andy LeMaster (Bright Eyes, Now It's Overhead, Azure Ray) over 20 long days and nights at Chase Park Transduction in Athens, GA and subsequently released in the fall. Several tracks from "Slingshot Echoes" have been getting spins on Indie 103, KXLU and Little Radio and the record has generated a steady stream of critical praise, including praise from the LA Times, SF Guardian, Spin, the Tripwire and Dusted Magazine, as the band has found itself garnering comparisons to artists such as Yo La Tengo, The Jesus and Mary Chain and the Jayhawks.


"slingshot echoes" by mezzanine owls
- moving ground
- luxury spirits
- coyote
- lightbulb
- graceless
- counting backwards
- we don't
- a draft
- wake up
- flashing lights
- dark too early

"snow globe ep" by mezzanine owls
- drift
- ghost ship
- snow globe
- temporary health