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" - Interview with Mezziah - Feb. 28th 2007"

Toronto, ON – HipHopCanada recently had the opportunity to sit down and politic one on one with Mezziah AKA Chedda Boi, head honcho off the H-Cap family. On an off day, where he had no scheduled studio time or performances to prepare for , we sat back with a twelve pack of Heineken and discussed what he has in store for 2007. With three successful mixtapes under his belt, Mezziah is preparing for the release of his latest serving, Street Credibility 3.0. After a sneak peek of the new release, I’m definitely confident to say that his fans will not be disappointed. Mezziah continues to progress his lyrical game and understanding of the business and this is evident with each new release. His song “Mo’ Chedda” is getting heavy spins on college radio and it has just recently been added to rotation on Flow 93.5FM. Here’s how the interview with Mezziah went down:

HHC: Mezziah this is your first interview with HipHopCanada. You have already released three mixtapes, why has it taken you this long to let us know what’s really good?
Honestly, I’ve been mad busy. Between taking care of my son, being out on my daily grind, recording and doing shows across Canada, I’ve barley had any free time for myself but I’m here for you now!

HHC: So what or who is H-Cap exactly?
H-Cap is a family movement. We are not a gang, crew, record label or anything like that. We are a blood line, basically a big family with the same mentality, drive and passion for success. It’s a Hustlers capital out there and we want our fair share of the cake just like everybody else. H-Cap consists of five artists, Lady Justice, Mugz, Shiness, Bobby Bucks and myself, while Cosco, Saucy and Bonez handle the business aspects of things.

HHC: You have been doing a lot of shows and interviews with Empire as of late. Are you an official member of Empire AKA The 5 th Letter fam?
Yes. I’m also known as the sixth man of the roster. Empire is my extended family. We are wrapping up the Get It album right now. It’s scheduled to be released in May on A.W.O.L. Records/S.A.R.S. Entertainment.

HHC: How does it feel to be working with a team rather than just focusing on being a solo artist?
It’s great. When we are in the studio together things just happen naturally. There is so much talent in the camp that creativity comes from all angles.

HHC: Do you get into any conflicts or creative differences?
Not really, we have a great chemistry together. If there is a problem we handle it in a business manner.

HHC: Can you elaborate on that. Let’s say there is a creative conflict with a song, how do you guys handle that situation?
We approach our songs with concepts. We bring what we feel to the table. Our goal is to make hot shit at the end of the day. In a worse case scenario where no one can agree we either scrap the song or take a majority vote.

HHC: I have heard from numerous sources that you’ve sold over 5000 units of your last mixtape Key to the City 2.1, is that true?
Yeah, I did sell 5,000 units across Canada with the help of the H and S.A.R.S. movement.

HHC: Your current project Street Credibility 3.0 is about to drop, how do you feel it stands in comparison to your previous releases?
This one is more mature and creative than the others. There is a lot more original production and guest features on Street Credibility 3.0. I put more thought into the making of the project and I had more time to work on this one as opposed to my previous releases.

HHC: So who are some of the guest appearances on Street Credibility 3.0?
We got the H on there, The 5th Lettter Fam, S.L.U.G., Jonny Rox, Page, NEM-S-ISS and a few others. I ain’t gonna give up all the goods. Go out and cop the mixtape to find out.

HHC: Street Credibility 3.0 is your fourth mixtape; do you plan on doing an album in the near future?
Like I already said, we got the Get It album coming out this year and I’m starting to work on my solo album now. Lady J is working on her second mixtape, Whispering Concrete, which is scheduled to drop in April.

HHC: Who are you working with in regards to your music production?
I’m working with Firehouse outta Vancouver who also did the Empire joint “Nowhere”, Boi-1da, Big Sproxx, Rich Kidd, Soundsmith and Noah Shebib. I’m looking forward to working with some American dudes as well.

HHC: Have you had any negative encounters as a result of your music?
No, not yet.

HHC: What makes you different from other emcees?
I feel I bring the whole package to the table and I don’t try to be something that I’m not. You need to be truthful in this game. I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for someone I’m not.

HHC: If you weren’t rapping, which other path or road can you see yourself on?
Most likely playing ball overseas… I’m 6 foot 6 and rapping ain’t the only skills I’ve got. Shout out to Bunz doing his thing in the NCAA.

HHC: What do you feel is the most important thing to remember when you’re on your grind trying to make it in the - Mario Montana

"Now Magazine - Representin' the T Dot"

Think 1/2 Boot Camp 1/2 Wu-Tang. Adam Bomb, Tony 'Scandalis' Ranks, Tek Man, The Rhyme Animal, Talksick, Mezziah, Keele, Friday, Doc, Chem, Joekerr, Cravenmorehead have been terrorizing wackness since before the turn of the milleniumand are about to Get It with their summer 2008 debut - Addi Stewart


"The Pen & The Pad 1.0" (Mixcd) (2004)
"Key 2 The City 2.0" (Mixcd) (2005)
"Key 2 The City 2.1" (Mixcd) (2005) 5000+ Units Sold
"Street Credibility 3.0" (Mixcd) (2007) 2000+ Units Sold
Empire AKA 5th Letter Fam "Get It" (LP) (2008) Coming Soon
"Anointed" (LP) (2008) Coming Soon


- "H Step" (2005)
- "Mo Chedda" (2006)
- "Champion" (2007)
- "I Want You" W. Jay-NY (2007)


Facebook: Mo Chedda

Mezziah is an explosive urban artist, one that Canada's rap game has been looking for. His style is not only different, but is still true to his Afro-Canadian roots. Born in Montreal and Migrated to Toronto, his upbringing made him mature very quickly.

This 6'6 emcee always had a different view of life. Using pen and a pad as his only way to vent through his music. His lyrics told a story, stories of a boy who taught himself how to be a man. The struggles of growing up early, losing close family and friends to violence and uncontrollable circumstances. Through all this, he still maintained to a focus. Instead of giving up, he learned from his past and made the best out of a bad situation. Nothing given to him and everything earned.

Being true to him self has got him this far in life and in Hip Hop. Doing what he had to do. A student of the game he realizes The North has a lot of talent to be unleashed not only in Canada, but throughout the world.

With influences from Bob Marley, Berres Hammond, Rakim, Krs-One, Jay-Z and Slick Rick, Mezziah believes you win the crowd, you win your respect. An entertainer that gives his all on the stage and only improves every show, with a mission to show he can perform with the best in the world. Mezziah is also part of several hip-hop crews and organizations. He is a founding member and CEO HCap Music Group. Also member of the infamous hip-hop underground organization named EMPIRE.

Mezziah's rap career has expanded beyond his local Toronto/Mississauga borders. Proving he can control a stage wherever he performs. Receiving praises in shows in Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver and numerous towns in Ontario. Currently hes crossing barriers and will be looking forward to touring the U.S and Europe in the immediate future.

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