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A fresh new face based in the Toronto area, Mezziah, the founder of his own HCAP Music Group, is destined to be a force in the rap industry. Mezziah's independent-releases has sold over 30,000 copies and with over 4 hours of original and cover songs, would love to be considered for a gig.

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Mezziah is an explosive urban artist, one that Canada's rap game has been looking for. His style is not only different, but is still true to his Afro-Canadian roots. Born in Montreal and Migrated to Toronto, his upbringing made him mature very quickly.

This 6'6 emcee always had a different view of life. Using pen and a pad as his only way to vent through his music. His lyrics told a story, stories of a boy who taught himself how to be a man. The struggles of growing up early, losing close family and friends to violence and uncontrollable circumstances. Through all this, he still maintained to a focus. Instead of giving up, he learned from his past and made the best out of a bad situation. Nothing given to him and everything earned.

Being true to him self has got him this far in life and in Hip Hop. Doing what he had to do. A student of the game he realizes The North has a lot of talent to be unleashed not only in Canada, but throughout the world.

With influences from Bob Marley, Berres Hammond, Rakim, Krs-One, Jay-Z and Slick Rick, Mezziah believes you win the crowd, you win your respect. An entertainer that gives his all on the stage and only improves every show, with a mission to show he can perform with the best in the world. Mezziah is also part of several hip-hop crews and organizations. He is a founding member and CEO HCap Music Group. Also member of the infamous hip-hop underground organization named EMPIRE.

Mezziah's rap career has expanded beyond his local Toronto/Mississauga borders. Proving he can control a stage wherever he performs. Receiving praises in shows in Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver and numerous towns in Ontario. Currently hes crossing barriers and will be looking forward to touring the U.S and Europe in the immediate future.

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Written By: Mezziah

... Fresh out the gutter, like no other, over 5000 sold of my last tape cover
Motherfuckers don’t want it I
…. H stepping reppin Mississauga to the 514…
5 and 10 to the NDG until the day I die
Ballers is bouncing with fly honeys surrounding
Dollars, dollars we counting, mixin Hennessy with Hpnotic
Holla, holla if you bout it, rolling up them ounces of chronic
Collars, collars we poppin poppin bottles in the back loungin
We got it… lock, cause Chedda Boi keeps it hot like 350 on ovens
Niggas claimin we cousins, for a little street fame
Hittin chicks by the dozens… call em my sugar dumplins
But understand I aint in love with em like I’m T Pain
… Got the fiends fiendin’, with these haters day dreamin’
That their chains was still gleamin’ like the bird on my chest they seeing
Consider this getting even with all the non supporters dis-believin
… The kid… cause now y’all know what it is…

Hook: (2x)

…Yes, we movin militant so don’t get it twisted like it’s liquorish
We getting it as we go…go
Overlook your ignorance, labels know I’m a benefit
By the way I deliver it, know I’m sick with the flow… oh
I… been on the block for a minute…
… Paper’s what I want, so I’m a get it…
Loyal to the game, never movin my pivot, true hustler when I scrimmage
Till I’m finish countin digits, up on the low... low
... Shhh… cause haters hate to see me getting money
So they goin try everything just to keep it from me
But make the wrong move and shit can get ugly
… Trust me I ain’t pussy, so don’t fuck with the…
Champion... North of the border
Sauga city soldier... flows like the water
... Yes I'm... " Number One"


HCap Music Group 2006.

Mo Chedda

Written By: Mezziah

Hook: (4x): (Mezziah)
Mo chedda, mo chedda, mo
Mo chedda for Chedda, oh

Still the cute kid from the M.I double S.I double S, yes
Back in the flesh
6’6” spit’s sick to make chicks strip
And leave pants smudged with her lip-stick
Young man is gifted
Made a name for a turf which n*ggas never knew existed
Stacking em biscuits
Copping a lot of ‘enchilada’ from ‘prada’ knowing what the risk is
Mo chedda, chedda, mo chedda, chedda
For Chedda, Chedda, and you player haters should know better
That I’m down for the H, with a pound a weight that might drown your face
Still got another few more pounds to bake
And never catch me around broke clowns or fakes
Here… let me slow down the flow to show you what kind of sound it makes
Kid’s got it locked
Came in the game with the aim to change and remain at the top
Destined to shine
N*gga’s on the grind trying to blow like a package of ‘caine in the pot
You can hate it or not
I can give a f*ck about you young cats, or your little fame in the ‘Dot’
So stay on the block
While I’m on the road getting ho*s willingly to put their face near my jock, screaming


Face on the watch might hold more ice, than an Inuit fam’ has seen in their life
With fiends on the pipe
Camouflaged from the cops when I move through the cold city streets in the night
Nem’s in a truck, Bomb’s in a drop
I’m in a H2 hot off the lot
Talk of the talk
Chicks see the kid, so I dip in it quick then they hop of the jock
Fought for the spot, top of the pot
Say your crack, but never been bought on the block
Stopping your clock, yes ‘Ziah’s stopping your clock
I’m a Made Men, up in a Days-Inn, patiently waiting blow to be bought
Diam’ in the rough, a rose from the rocks
Jus’ holding a scope, Bucks holding a gloch
Letting Esco know I got this sh*t locked
I’ve mastered the flow… game came and knocked, so I answered the door
Letting skills show definition of hot
Mo chedda, chedda for Chedda
Hope you motherf*ckers never have to owe Chedda
Cause my whole Triple-M team’s a go getter
Infra-red beams and Berettas
Blow, blow, blow, blow


Hcap Music Group 2006.


"The Pen & The Pad 1.0" (Mixcd) (2004)
"Key 2 The City 2.0" (Mixcd) (2005)
"Key 2 The City 2.1" (Mixcd) (2005) 5000+ Units Sold
"Street Credibility 3.0" (Mixcd) (2007) 2000+ Units Sold
Empire AKA 5th Letter Fam "Get It" (LP) (2008) Coming Soon
"Anointed" (LP) (2008) Coming Soon


- "H Step" (2005)
- "Mo Chedda" (2006)
- "Champion" (2007)
- "I Want You" W. Jay-NY (2007)

Set List

15-30 minute set and the
full headlining set which is 1 hour.

Energized and crowd-response driven
features songs interwoven with acapellas, freestyles and dubs.