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Homegrown Hip-Hop(2004)
Patriot Action(2005)
Talk Hard(2006-release pending)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Well M-Fa-Z-Ma began as a bad joke back in 2000. A few good friends, a few fat joints, and a half assed plan to try to over throw mainstream music with a sort of "anti-BoyBand". Well from there the story will vary depending on who you ask, but the commonly accepted begining of M-Fa-Z-Ma was over a Playstation game and a round of Bong loads, which turned into a song called "Big Mikes Ride". At that time M-Fa-Z-Ma's line up went like this: Mecks, Shakeem, Big Mike, Swiss, and D.U.I.. The crew set to work writing their first songs. Later the Group added D.J. Nasty Nate to the line up, and releasing a self titled E.P. in 2002. The band spent the next year and a half working up to their first full length album, "Homegrown Hip-Hop".

"Homegrown Hip-Hop", so named due to the fact that the entire album was written and recorded by M-Fa-Z-Ma, and that the style was so unique it stood out from anything that could be bought commercially. This album gave M-Fa-Z-Ma's small but loyal fan base something to finally be proud of. 11 new studio tracks, and one drunken freestyle session. This 12 song CD finally gave the band enough solid material to begin performing live. Throwing shows with bands from various genre's, from Hip-Hop to Hardcore, Funk to Punk, they attempt to show their diverse style to a larger scene than just Hip-Hop.

At this time the band began performing relentlessly, while always working out new jams. While preparing to begin recording their next release, D.J. Nasty Nate and Swiss left the band. This threw the MC's a serious curve ball. Without their DJ or Producer/Bass Player the band's future was in jeopardy. Not wanting to abandon their fans, or their dreams, Mecks, Shakeem and Big Mike set out to record and release the band's next E.P.

In 2005 the band released the six song "Patriot Action" E.P. More serious than "Homegrown Hip-Hop", emotionally and politically based lyrics were woven and layered over the final set of Swiss's beats. The inner conflicts and stresses of the band are evident in the poetic content. But still the remaining members of the band refused to let life's stress stop them. They continued to play live shows up until their 2005 Halloween costume party. The band is on hiatus now while writing and recording their 4th release, the full length album "Talk Hard." 15 new jams featuring Mecks, Big Mike, Shakeem, and on the vinyl none other than D.J. D.U.I. "Talk Hard." is scheduled for release early summer 2006.