My Genuine Find

My Genuine Find


My Genuine Find is unique in so many ways, from the music to the performance. This one man band isnt the typical one man band. Although there is only one member, live, you will hear every instrument as if a full band were there. This is more than a band, this is My Genuine Find!


This band is super new, forming in mid 2007 by Bobby Mares.
Bobby writes/produces/plays all the instruments and pre-records pianos, synth, rythm guitars, bass, and drum machines as well as back-up vocals for his live shows. He then plays lead guitar and lead vocals while his pre-recorded back up tracks complete the song, which makes for a super unique and fun show. He has smooth melodies included in the music and vocal patterns, as well as catchy hooks and very deep eye/ear catching lyrics.
This band is a very well rounded band and will be exploding in 2008.


Hello Universe, Tell Me Your Secrets (2008)
1. iBeliever
2. Rainy Day Escape Parade
3. Knocking with Adventure
4. Note to One in a Million
5. Girl and the Umbrella
6. MGF Interlude
7. I Dont Want to Keep Her
8. Know the Difference
9. Hello Universe

Available at Hastings (Las Cruces, NM), iTunesUSA, Napster, eMusic, AmazonMP3, and Rhapsody.

In current rotation on 91.5fm The Rocket, Las Cruces, NM.

Set List

Set List:
MGF Interlude
Knocking with Adventure
Act One, Scene Five
Girl and the Umbrella
A Note to One in a Million
I Don't Want to Keep Her
Whatever You Like- T.I. Cover
Hello Universe

Typical 35 minute set.