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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Alternative Jazz




"Best of 2014: M'GOO"

M'GOO made two appearances on our blog in 2014, the first in February caused quite a stir. What we said… M'GOO create music from true-life stories by fusing music, short film and contemporary dance. U.S.A hip-hop star Frank Ocean’s brave “Coming Out” letter is the theme for their newest music story “Lets Fly To The Moon”. This reaches out to anybody who is in the process of finding strength for the person they want to be and with the gay rights issues in Russia today, it has never been more pertinent. - Right Chord Music (UK)

"Music Week presents M'GOO"

The M'goo Project is a collective of three songwriters; Matt Warnock (guitar), Jeff Louch (keyboard) and Mike M'goo (lead vocals). The trio met in Montreal whilst studying music together and officially formed The M'goo Project in 2011. Their distinctive combination of story-telling through music and contemporary videos featuring a ballet-twist in them have gained the band a considerable following through YouTube over the past year. These videos have also become an intrinsic segment of their live show experience. - Music Week (UK)


Still working on that hot first release.



Montreal natives M’GOO are a multi-genre band offering a unique live experience with a vintage and organic sound. Fusing classic poetry, stunning visual arts, original music, and dance; the band transcends artistic mediums to tell the deep story of life’s journey.

The intimate shows are set in a blackbox environment, using back-lit holographic projections. Through this form, they aim to immerse the audiences deep into the art, and leave an image etched on the mind of their viewers. A mix of visual art and live music, a performance by M’GOO is not one to be missed. A completely different experience to any other live set you will see, the band assails your senses to takes you through a journey. 

Spring 2016 is set to be a defining moment for M’GOO with the release of their debut album ‘LOVE AND ALL THAT _ _ _ _.’ Exclusive to vinyl – but also available via streaming services – the album will treat buyers to both a ‘heavy side’ and a ‘cool side’. The album is a culmination of hard work and inspiration from a number of beautiful cities they have written in. It is full of stories which evoke a number of feelings with the intense sounds of guitar, jazz and vocals. The meaning of the album however, is fully realised in a live set from M’GOO. Their setting and visual accompaniments to the music creates a whole new experience of the album. Making the journey through the songs with the band through both musical and visual representation, the audience can only feel a deeper connection with the music, seeing the work played out in multiple forms. 

M'GOO is the brainchild of three friends who met at jazz music school in Montreal at the turn of the millennium: Mike Meighu (vocals and compositions); Matt Warnock (Guitar and compositions); and Jeff Louch (piano and compositions).  Being three different personalities, with the addition video artist Luca Rudlin, they produce creative clashes at almost every turn. The outcome is meaningful hooks, catchy riffs, and a high level of creatively.

What the Critics are Saying:

Right Chord Music: “We love M’GOO. Not so much a band as a creative force for communication and understanding."

Music Week: “Sounds like a heavier male version of Norah Jones.”

Guitar International: “The vocal and trumpet interaction sounds like a smooth two-way conversation with each person listening carefully.”

Be sure to venture over to the video section for "Dreaming in Blue", recorded live in Manchester, UK.

Representation / Contact: 

Danny Payne: dannypayne@videotron.ca (CANADA)

Kelvin Leigh: triplebeemanagement@mail.com (UK and Europe)

Band: info@themgooproject.com