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mG is all about truth and reaching those who seek it. No longer are the lines between music and "real life" blurred. With a new dimension of energy and uniqueness, the one true God is moving on these sound waves! Come to hear freshness, stay to be refreshed!


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"I am the way, the truth, and the life and no one comes to the Father unless they come through me... I am the gate,"

These are the words of Yesua (Hebrew for Jesus)the messiah that ring throughout my entire being. The artist name, mG, was revealed to him at the beginning of '06 as man of GOD. And that the smaller he becomes, the bigger He becomes in whatever the situation. (he=mG HE=GOD) The music that I write is greatly influenced by what the Spirit of God is teaching me at the time. I pray that these fresh hip-hop tracks will reach young kids as well as mature adults. God loves you no matter what you've been through or what you're going through! As long as you have breath in your lungs, you can still be saved!

mG enjoys all types of music and mainly listens to Worship, Jazz, R&B, Classical, and occasionally rap. :-) He was born in H-town (Houston, TX) and raised up in the snow capped rocky mountains in western Montana. M-i-s-s-o-u-l-a to be exact. He's been writing poems and songs since gradeschool and started playing drums for churches since the age of 15 which exposed him to worship in a whole new way. After graduating from High School (yay!), mG took a year off and decided if to either go to a recording arts school in Florida, or a film acting school in New York. So....After graduating from one of the top 5 recording arts schools in the USA (great place!!! outside of Orlando, he completed a 4 month internship at Transcon Studios (very nice recording studio in Orlando where everyone from Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, and Brittney Spears to R. Kelly, Ray Charles, Eminem, and Dr. Dre have all recorded tracks/albums there). After this, he moved outside of Austin, TX and really got by myself (even while living with his praying mother;-)) and by the second year, had recorded 5 mixtape albums, and started significant progress on the first completely original album, A Fresh Beginning. mG teamed up with Brandon Zimmer (who he went to grade school with; and who also has incredible skills on the drums;) who provided all 15 juicy beats. They have one DVD available now as well as A Fresh Beginning.

America, you betta watch out for this man of God, cause I'm coming to encourage, and connect you with your source. Prepare your hearts to recieve!

Ministerial Statment:
mG Recordz wishes to simply win the hearts and minds of this new generation as well as older one's for the Kingdom of God through the ministry of the Holy Spirit which testifies to Jesus who died and rose again! We believe that Jesus was the son of man (the second Adam) as well as the son of God at the same time and that He's alive today! The Glory of God may invade as you begin to realize what our Heavenly Father is possible of doing! (ALL Things!) The undiluted word of God (NKJV/Amplified/The Power New Testament) is what I know is true and it's what I stick to, it's food for today! "The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; He knows those who take refuge in Him." -Nahum 1:7

May the Lord Bless you and keep you as you keep Him your focus!

In Peace,
mG (man of GOD)


Hence 4th

Written By: mG

I’m built to be a fisher of man, I got ‘em listenin’ in,
Feeling free and not twisted in sin,
We now require a heightened awareness to wear,
Cause There’s a lot more to what’s here/ than what we see and hear,
The non-visible’s more critical than a mirror,
Hard times living through to get right here,
The fourth factor, a different dimension to inhabit,
BZ even told me to go get it rappin,
Don’t want to be in a corner/ awakened to terror,
Shaken and bear, no room of mine there,
Quick, a first class ticket outta here,
We can kick it in and out of a square, I did what you dared,
Now what? goin nowhere? (then I’m out, flyin)
Some seek peace and quiet, some find peace in writing,
Other people’s peace if found in the finding,
Electric energy put down, bold and striking,

Hence 4th, we musta ask for more,
If you want it, you wanna get inside the bubble, explore,
Unhinged and now I found you,
Now there’s nothing around you, Hence 4th

Ultimately victorious, king of the jungle roarin’ this,
My notion is still to get you Uproarious,
Stayin notorious for thanking God and meaning it,
so tight with the beat, when I'm away I’m fiending it,
Seeing if it’s possible to hook up and help out,
Significant mobs being tossed, hell bound,
The array of emotions felt on a large scale,
scaling a mountain and jumping forward, yeah,
Hailing a new way to inhale fragrant tracks,
It’s such a cool thing, a needle in a haystack,
First impressions way back, not a new thang,
With each day we have, gotta go through things,
Maybe a bunch of random libs of realness,
But pay attench, no flinch to who I really is,
Going back to English, I am what I wish,
My wishes are best, so I’m blessed and equipped,

Hence 4th, we musta ask for more,
If you want it, you wanna get inside the bubble, explore,
Unhinged and now I found you,
Now there’s nothing around you, Hence 4th

The land with the scum that comes out and frights,
Is where I was delivered 4th month 21st night,
And now I’m gonna get it, til my umpteenth breath,
Then on LIKE a light TO the light I’ll be,
Don’t celebrate my life, celebrate what I celebrate,
God and his son, not a celebrity,
IS James Brown in the room, it’s awfully funky,
Police’ll still be out there chalking something,
when I’m gone, things will function,
Still songs about love, hate, and rawness,
Quit Looking around for the chain that I’m off, kid,
Or The hook the captain took, I wouldn’t get on it,

I got Strength in numbers, Hence 4th,
Never able to crumble what’s humble, it’s meant for more,

Hence 4th, we musta ask for more,
If you want it, you wanna get inside the bubble, explore,
Unhinged and now I found you,
Now there’s nothing around you, Hence 4th


05\07: Released the 15-track intro album "A Fresh Beginning" mG's first original album. AVAILABLE AT and all over Missoula, MT as well as in parts of Austin, TX.

Set List

Typical Set list::

Check It; Just Beyond; Still Holdin' On; R.E.A.L.; To Gain Nothing Is A Shame; Hence 4th; The Odyssey (ft. BZ); It's Just A; Climbing; I'm Following; The Fall; Thanks Be To...; Why Do We Watch It Slip?; Let's Fly (outro)

Anywhere from 20-90 minutes... however long it takes!