Huddersfield, England, GBR

Mhyst produces summery, epic trance anthems with all the flavour of ibiza, sash! and oakenfold's balearic sound but with a different twist. No big diva vocals, rather a more chilled out and understated approach with the focus on memorable synth hooks.


Mhyst is somewhat of an enigma. With her tomboy rocker image, complete with tattoos, alto voice and spiky hair, she is anything but a regular dance producer. Mhyst boasts an ipod full of indie and rock including queen, skillet, the fray, coldplay, alanis morissette and snow patrol, but also has one huge dance playlist of chicane, sash, tiesto, thrillseekers, ummet ozcan and a load of old skool 90's records, which proves Mhyst really does have eclectic tastes. The sound that Mhyst now owns is a mixture of mid-90s dance with influences such as livin' joy and haddaway, early trance sounds from the likes of mozaic, van dyk and oakenfold, and other stuff thrown in from sash, robert miles, art of trance and the soundtrack of kevin and perry go large!


Twilight Heaven EP:

I Miss You (Full Flow Mashup)
Oblivion (2010 mix)
I Need To Fly (2010 mix)
Intoxicated (Enhanced Remix)

Paradise EP:

Breaking Waves
Perfect Escape

Dreamworld EP:

Magnetic Resonance
You're So Beautiful

I Need To Fly EP:

I Need To Fly
Distant Shore

Red Elements EP:

Red Elements

My World EP:


Cascades EP


Acid Dreams Remastered Album

Acid Dreams
Electrodes (Come)

From Above Album
Ithnan Ruh Album
Grafik Album
The Transfusion Mixes Album
The Eve of Trance

El-Jay's Balearic Sphere Radio Show (permanent rotation)