MHz (MegaHurtz)

MHz (MegaHurtz)

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MHz, the best kept secret in midwest premier rip hop. The band is a unique blend of rock, rap, r&b, and jazz. Melodic melodies of vocalist lady duchess. Relentless riff master: Master Clean. Hype lyricist: John Dough. Band anchor and mind boggling beat blender: MyxxoPlyxx (MixxoPlixx).


The band is a unique blend of rock, rap, r&b, and jazz. SET APART: Most bands in our genre do rap over rock. We do rock over rap. The music is written and composed on a "rap music" format. However, the guitar riffs are rooted in heavy metal. The singing style is R&B. The rap styles are "B-Boy" Hip Hop oriented. The beat creation and orientation is a blend of syntheic and live drums which MyxxoPlyxx has mastered into what he calls "square in the circle production". Most bands fuse one or two of the listed genres. We fuse them all on every song. RAP INFLUENCES: Kool Keith, Rev Run (Run-DMC), Nas, Project Pat, Blackalicious. METAL INFLUENCES: Mega Death, Wes Borlan, Pantera. PERCUSSION INFLUENCES: Billy Martin (Madeski, Martin, and Wood), Bernard Purdie, Mike Clark and Old School 808.



Set List

1 Hour set. All Originals. No Covers

Intro: 4-5 Minutes
Can You Feel It: 3:40
Love Me Not: 4:15
Aw Yeah: 3:57
Chances: 4:32
Strong Will Survive: 4:18
Back Up: 3:56
Scratch Track (Guitar Vs. Turntables) 3:11
Thorn Crown: (MyxxoPlyxx solo rap track) 3:36
Glamour and Glits: (John Dough, MyxxoPlyxx rap track) 4:17
Evil Dead: (John Dough, solo rap track) 4:41